Mental Performance Before, During, and After a 24-Hour Shift


By O2X Mental Performance Specialist Ashley Ripke

Being a firefighter requires endurance. Going into a shift, you cannot predict how taxing your day will be, both physically and mentally, but you can mentally prepare for the performance demands ahead. Mental preparedness is the act of shifting into an optimal frame of mind, similar to checking and servicing equipment to ensure it works properly when responding to a call.

Before a Shift:

The type of mental preparedness and time spent ensuring you are ready for a shift can differ from person to person or even day to day. You may only need (or realistically have) five minutes to dial into your “tactical mindset.”

Take inventory of your mindset, attitude, and energy going into a shift. If all internal checks are measured optimally, take note to achieve this state consistently. If not, adjust what is needed so that you can perform optimally on the job…

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