2023 with O2X Human Performance: Year in Review


6100+ tactical athletes, 3350+ readiness assessments, 1400+ human performance specialists and instructors, 500+ training days, and 250+ events – 2023 was a monumental year for O2X Human Performance. Although our work expanded across a variety of populations, conducting events with the military (59), government (90), fire service (53), corporate organizations (9), law enforcement (31), and athletic organizations (8) – the mission remained the same: provide world class human performance programs customized to the demands of our clients. Here are some of the highlights from this year…

Expansion of the Integrated Specialist Program (ISP)

The O2X Integrated Specialist Program (ISP) involves the integration of an O2X Human Performance Specialist (OSS) at the core of a department or unit – implementing programs designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members. This program identifies and targets organizational needs through observation, education, training, and analysis. Since its inception, clients have seen massive cost savings associated with the program’s success.

In 2023, organizations from across the tactical populations have brought in O2X specialists to assist in optimizing the performance of their members. Organizations including the Air National Guard (4 OSS), Baltimore County Fire (1 OSS), Palm Beach County Sheriff’s (1 OSS), West Palm Beach Fire (1 OSS), Arlington County Police (1 OSS), Howard County Fire (1 OSS), Timberline Construction & Communications (1 OSS), U.S. Navy HSCW (3 OSS), and Phoenix Police Department (2 OSS) each added an ISP over the course of this year.

At the Air National Guard, units including: 147 ASOS (Houston, TX), 148 ASOS (Fort Indiantown Gap, PA), 274 ASOS (Syracuse, NY), and 284 ASOS (McConnell AFB, KS) all received the ISP – with each unit gaining access to O2X Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Each unit trains, equips, and deploys mission qualified Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Operators that are certified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC).

“The collaboration with O2X represents a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing the operator’s performance in both tactical and garrison settings – across the cognitive, nutritional, and physical domains” said Major Kristopher Bartels with the 147 ASOS. “This approach takes into account the interconnectedness of these modalities to provide a holistic solution to optimize the performance of our tactical athletes.”

On the Law Enforcement side of the house, Chief Andy Penn with Arlington County (VA) Police Department spoke on the addition of an O2X Cognitive Performance Specialist within the department. “It’s essential for our personnel to have access to resources and programs that give them the tools and skills to be successful as individuals, leaders and teams. Policing is a fast-paced occupation and the demands placed on our personnel are significant and unrelenting. We have a top-tier police department and adding a Cognitive Performance Specialist to our overall wellness program will allow us to reinforce the operational, communication and wellness skills that our officers demonstrate everyday while also providing direct and daily access to an expert who can give them additional capacity and ability to not only succeed, but thrive at work and at home. We look forward to this expansion of our wellness program offerings through O2X to increase the personal and professional well-being and abilities of our personnel.”

In terms of sustainability, relationships with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Marshals Service (USMS), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Massachusetts National Guard, Washington D.C. Fire & EMS, Frederick County (MD) Division of Fire and Rescue Services, Arlington County (VA) Fire, and more all continue to flourish. 

250+ O2X Engagements

2023 saw over 250 O2X engagements totaling over 500 training days. During these engagements, over 6100 tactical athletes were trained with over 200 new course curriculums delivered. As compared to 2022, that is a 22.5% increase in the amount of events conducted and a 24% increase in the amount of tactical athletes trained.

The O2X Operations Team staffed 1400+ specialists and instructors to conduct these engagements, with each event receiving a customized training curriculum to meet the demands of the respective population. Select populations also received O2X’s proprietary Readiness Assessment – designed to take a holistic look at each attendee and identify predispositions for injury and illness. This resulted in the completion of 3350+ assessments, with each participant receiving a customized report upon completion. 

Sponsored engagements provided by companies including FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, MSA – The Safety Company, and Building Homes for Heroes also took place over the course of the year. 

To date, FirstNet, Built with AT&T® and O2X have collaborated on fourteen engagements across eleven states – including Iowa, California, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Delaware, and Colorado. Each engagement has pulled from a variety of first responder populations and has provided evidence-based skills that assist in mitigating the stressors that come with a career in public safety.

“Our first responders put their lives on the line every day to protect our community and we take their health and wellness seriously,” said Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, DPN, RN, PHNA-BC, Director, Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “This program has proven successful and we’re hoping our collaboration will allow more first responders to feel equipped both mentally and physically to handle their jobs.”

Topics covered at each workshop include strategies to mitigate the risk of injury, tools to enhance performance under pressure and manage high stress jobs, and education on proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, and foundations of movement – all designed specifically to meet unique training needs of first responders. 

Partnership with Building Homes for Heroes 

Building Homes for Heroes, a nonprofit that provides mortgage-free adaptive homes to injured veterans and first responders, and O2X announced a partnership in July of 2023. 

Stemming from the expansion of support services provided by Building Homes for Heroes, the partnership is designed to enhance mental, physical and emotional health – with O2X programs being delivered directly to veteran and first responder populations. The resources will include human performance workshops and O2X’s Integrated Specialist Programs (ISP). 

In March, the two organizations jointed on their first engagement assisting disabled veterans with a customized curriculum led by members of the O2X team.

Over the course of this workshop, veterans and their families learned ways to optimize each pillar of human performance from O2X’s team of experts. Tailored to meet the unique needs of disabled service members, each session tackled not only the challenges participants face, but also targeted the actionable solutions they can make to create small, incremental changes that will lead to lifelong improvements.

“Having already helped our heroes with hundreds of homes, we’re honored to launch our next steps into mental wellness and physical wellbeing for our nation’s veterans, firefighters, police officers and emergency first responders like never before,” Pujol said. “We’re proud to work alongside the amazing O2X Performance team that supports several thousand people annually through their programs.”

The two organizations look to kick off 2024 with a workshop being delivered to FDNY in Q1.


2023 offered an incredible year to those involved in the O2X mission. As we look forward to 2024, be sure to check out our end-of-year podcast with O2X Cofounder Paul McCullough, who shed light on what’s to come in the new year.