Fire Engineering – Leadership Is an Inside Job


By O2X Lead Instructor Jared Cheselske

“There are literally hundreds of publications and podcasts discussing the many facets of leadership in the fire service. Articles, videos, and seminars plumb the depths of leaders, identifying who they are and how they got there, and probe the elusive secrets to their success.

The key to becoming a leader is hotly debated. Does rank make you a leader? Is it an appointment? A bestowal of authority? Is leadership a skill we can learn or is it an attribute gifted by nature to a select few? The theories are endless. Those with aspirations to be a “leader” are anxious to know: What path have others taken to achieve these lofty heights and how quickly can I get there myself?

Consider this: The traditional climb up the ladder or the rung you’ve landed on is not what makes you a leader at all. True leadership is an inside job…”

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