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Each episode of the O2X Tactical Performance Podcast features a conversation with a member from our team or network of U.S. Special Operations veterans, first responders, athletes, and human performance specialists who are subject matter experts and leaders in their respective fields.

The podcast is hosted by Joe McCullough, O2X’s Sales & Marketing Coordinator.

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 45 – Stew Smith

Stew Smith is a Navy SEAL Veteran who works with the editorial review team of the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Journal of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) He is a …

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: 2021 in Review – Paul McCullough, O2X Co-Founder

Paul McCullough co-founded O2X Human Performance in 2013 and serves as Managing Partner, along with Adam La Reau and Gabriel Gomez. Paul’s vision steers the overall growth strategy of O2X, ensuring the company’s products and offerings are best positioned for …

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 43 – Shumi Rawlins, Clinical Psychologist

Shumi Rawlins is an O2X Resilience Specialist and a licensed clinical psychologist. In 2005, after completing her training and licensure as a Psychologist, she earned her commission in the United States Navy and went on to serve in the Reserves. …

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 42 – Chris Daukaus, UFC Heavyweight Contender + Philadelphia Police Officer

Chris Daukaus is the current #7 UFC Heavyweight contender in the world Prior to starting his career in mix martial arts, he followed in the footsteps of his father and became a member of the Philadelphia Police Department Since joining …

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 41 – Frank Wintrich, Director of Football Performance (ret.) + O2X On-Site Specialist (FBI)

  Frank Wintrich is an O2X On-Site Specialist who provides comprehensive training for tactical athletes within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) He spent 19 years at the NCAA Division I level working with a variety of athletes to develop …

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The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 40 – Florent Groberg, Medal of Honor Recipient

Florent Groberg | Medal of Honor Recipient + U.S. Army Infantry Officer (ret.) The following citation is an account of the actions that earned U.S. Army Captain (ret.) Florent Groberg the Congressional Medal of Honor: Captain Florent Groberg distinguished himself …

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