Navy Surface Warfare Leadership Brings New Training To Surface Fleet



Navy Surface Warfare Leadership Brings New Training To Surface Fleet

Sailor Wellness and Agility Now Core Focus As SURFOR Trains With Navy SEAL Founded Company

San Diego, CA – Beginning in July, the United States Naval Surface Force will implement a new training regimen with crew members of selected surface ships. What began as a leadership initiative for PXO and PCO training en route to their commands, has progressed into an overall crew training program. The latest units scheduled to receive this training are USS Preble (DDG-88), USS Mobile (LCS-26), USS Omaha (LCS-12), and USS Gabby Giffords (LCS-10); each will receive training across a number of human performance disciplines from late July through early September.

The new training is about much more than just improving job performance. This coursework is a matter of national security and supports the overall safety of our troops; including prioritizing mental health and mitigating the effects of fatigue.

These are challenging topics to discuss, yet Navy leaders are tackling the issues head-on. The U.S. Navy’s Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS), is taking a proactive approach to better equip our nation’s Naval officers with programs like the training provided by O2X Human Performance. In addition to extending the program at SWOS to Department Heads, this education is now being delivered to crews aboard ships at Naval Base San Diego.  

With leadership’s support, O2X Human Performance implements training programs and workshops designed to meet the occupational demands and challenges of the Naval Surface Forces. It’s always challenging to bring in outside contractors to implement training geared to the highly specialized needs of military communities, but this is where O2X stands out. For these Sailors specifically, and the military more generally, there is no “off-season”; rather these “tactical athletes” are required to maintain a strong foundation of readiness andbe able to surge to the highest levels of performance when the operational environment changes. Founded by Navy SEALs, O2X is a Navy veteran-owned business comprised of hundreds of Human Performance Specialists who are subject matter experts and leaders in their respective disciplines. O2X’s team provides evidence-based skills that help tactical athletes successfully endure the physical and mental stress sustained throughout their careers while keeping their country safe.

Life aboard a ship has always been challenging, and probably always will be, but leaders are working diligently to find better ways to support Sailors,” says Adam La Reau, founder of O2X Human Performance. “Historically, the military has put a heavy focus on the maintenance of our gear and equipment. There is a growing recognition that our competitive advantage against our adversaries is our people. A recognition that human are as vital as hardware in the fight” he says.

Over the course of previous O2X workshops held at SWOS and aboard the USS Manchester (LCS-14), students learned about injury risk reduction, nutrition, mental performance, resilience, and sleep for recovery and performance. Participants who attended the O2X program as a part of the PCO and PXO training program left the workshop equipped with the tools and resources to create sustainable lifestyle improvements and optimize performance of the Navy’s most critical asset: its people.

“[It was a] great program,” one participant noted. “I went in not really expecting much but came out with a lot of great info. I was impressed at the effort all of the specialists put in to ensure the instruction was tailored to the unique environment found on board ships.”

“Extraordinary presentation,” another said. “We receive similar training at other Command courses but they pale in comparison – the depth and expertise you presented far exceeded the others.”

As the training sessions continue, O2X and Navy leadership will leverage sailor feedback and data to shape the impact of this program and drive expansion across a greater number of ships and Navy units.

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