Loudoun County
Fire and Rescue

Loudoun County, VA | March 2019 - Present


In the fall of 2018, the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Department was awarded a FEMA  Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) to provide critical health and wellness training for the agency’s more than 550 members.  LCFR partnered with O2X to accomplish that mission. 




2018 - Present


Master Chief (Ret) Jason Silva was outstanding. Very personable, down to earth and approachable. I felt very fortunate that he was willing to do this in his retirement and willing to speak us throughout the course of training. He did not have to share his life experiences with us but he did. It further enriched your program and in my opinion made it much more fulfilling and applicable to us (fire service). Warren Skinner was also fantastic along with other former team members. I can’t thank you all of you enough for coming out and taking the time to instruct us.

Excellent knowledge Excellent materials So far just from my first day I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to try and reach their full potential both in life and career. Thank You so very much for bringing the knowledge and experience to LCFR to pass it on to each individual so we can pass it on to other’s so they can reach their goals whatever that may be. Can’t wait to for the next day!!

Learning how to train to improve my job performance and overall health. The correct way to train to prevent injuries and increase performance. Improve nutrition and sleep habits. This is a great course and all the instructors were very knowledgeable, supportive, and inspirational.

Excellent wealth of knowledge and information to gain and pass on to other’s. Enjoyed the warm up sessions showing proper form before the workout it really does help out to minimize pain and the “suck” the day after an intense workout.

Excellent presentations and demonstrations throughout the class. I appreciated the continuous flow of the class, and limited down time.

I think that the entire course was a wonderful life changing experience for me. I wish that I could have had this course 20 years ago.

I really appreciated how everything was broken down and explained/showed how it was beneficial to us as Firefighters.

You guys crushed it! I am sore today but it’s a good sore! Can’t wait until next week.

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