Fire AcademIES

Various Departments | 2015 - Present


O2X partners with fire departments nationwide to provide essential training for their recruits and academy staff. 

We’re helping implement programs that build strong mental and physical foundations for new firefighters, as well as arming them to support a culture of excellence within their organizations.  The O2X team can provide in-person recruit workshops, academy staff training, recruit physical conditioning programming, performance assessments, and more. 





2015 - 2019
2021 - Present


This course allowed me to regain control of my life post-deployment, post-military separation. It saved my life. I cannot express with enough gratitude that this is being taught at the beginning of a similar career path for folks, it will save lives. As a refresher for myself, it is also invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Chesapeake Fire Academy Recruit

Thanks for a great workout today and a great week overall. I'm really glad our department gave us the opportunity to come and listen to you all this week. Definitely gave me knowledge to change my life.
Loudoun County Fire Academy Recruit

It's hard honestly to answer what my favorite part of the workshop was as every part was amazing and life changing for me. I can't really pick just one thing as they were all amazing from the "lectures", one-on-one talks with the Specialist, to the hands-on sessions (warm ups, workout sessions, etc).
Alexandria Fire Academy Recruit

The accountability that comes with this course is my favorite part. When I get asked to think about what my 1% is I have to come up with an answer. The repetition of this forces me to really think about what it is I want to do and how to do it.
Loudoun County Fire Academy Recruit

Excellent. Just what our Recruit Academy needed.
Cherry Hill Fire Recruit Academy Staff

O2X was exactly what I needed. It has given me the positive mindset I was needing.
Alexandria Fire Academy Recruit