Lafayette, IN | 2020 - Present


In the fall of 2020, O2X partnered with the Lafayette Police Department to administer an agency-wide physical fitness test.   For this, O2X utilized our Scotty Salman PFT, comprised of assessments of upper body push, upper body pull, lower body push, core stability, as well as anaerobic and aerobic capacity. 

Officers completed the fitness test, along with a body composition analysis and the O2X Human Performance Assessment to receive custom reporting and recommendations from O2X.  The department was also on-boarded to the Tactical Performance App.




2017 - Present

The O2X program and approaches are straight forward, comprehensive, and it was delivered professionally by a highly qualified cadre of trainers. The feedback we have received from our officers has been excellent. One of the program features is the new O2X mobile application. Each of our officers now has access to professional services and information 24/7 and can utilize this tool to help them on their individual journeys. This was an important feature for our agency because it gives officers options and helps prioritize the right program for them. Just wanted to thank them again and we look forward to when they return!
Patrick Flannelly
Police Chief, Lafayette Police Department

You have the program in a nice package and it’s run by professionals, people that are credible. What I like about the O2X PT test is that it gives them a laid out format that’s been tested. It's age based and gender based, so they have something to strive for, categories to strive for, versus us just coming up with our own test. As far as the app, obviously it’s a great resource; I think it’s good for folks that need that encouragement, need those resources. We’re going to utilize the whole package in some way, shape, or form, moving forward.
Sgt. Ian O'Shields
Lafayette Police Department

What you guys did here was great. I’ve gotten incredible feedback from my officers already – and they usually don’t have much to say about anything. So, thank you! We hope to have you back soon.
Lafayette Police SGT