Firefighter Strong – Issue 2 – Unhealthy Does Not Happen Overnight


Firefighter Strong, Issue 2 includes an article from O2X that discusses the importance of making incremental changes in nutrition that will lead to major lifestyle improvements.

Article Excerpt:

Becoming unhealthy is not something that happens overnight. One meal will not cause excessive weight gain or high cholesterol. Similarly, creating healthy habits and optimizing performance does not happen after one workout or eating salad for a day. Our daily routines can add up and, over time, can either lead us to a sustained healthy lifestyle or negative health outcomes. The good news is that it is never too late to start intentionally focusing on making small, incremental changes that will lead to major lifestyle improvements.

In a recent article shared in the National Volunteer Fire Council newsletter, Firefighter Strong, we share insight about why tactical athletes must focus on building healthy habits. And, we offer advice on how to make daily changes that will lead to sustainable improvements. Change is hard, start small.

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Unhealthy Does Not Happen Overnight: Building Healthy, Sustainable Habits


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