Fit To Fight Fire – Episode 24 With Adam La Reau


The Fit To Fight Fire team recently sat down with O2X co-founder Adam La Reau to talk about the importance of comprehensive training programs for tactical athletes. In their conversation, Adam highlights the significance of taking responsibility to train for performance so that tactical athletes can keep themselves, their teams, their families, and their communities safe.

Adam shares his background as an accomplished young athlete and going on to become a Navy SEAL, and then on to attend the Harvard Kennedy School. He talks about the preparation it takes to maximize performance for high-stakes situations, and how O2X Human Performance is creating a team focused on teaching firefighters how they can become fit to fight fire.

La Reau talks about the unique team of O2X specialists who have expertise and experience working with tactical athletes that is second to none. The team of O2X specialists has experience training military personnel for the physical demands they face and teaching mental performance skills and leadership principles to endure job-related pressure. And, the curriculum also includes nutrition and sleep science so that tactical athletes can have all the tools and education they need to optimize performance and mitigate the risks associated with their daily work.

Listen to the whole conversation here: Fit To Fight Fire- Episode 24

O2X provides comprehensive, science-backed training and education to tactical athletes so they can finish their careers as strong as they started. The education and curriculum includes a sustainment package with reach-back support so that all tactical athletes have ongoing access to the resources O2X specialists offer. The focus is on making small, incremental changes that lead to major lifestyle improvements so that tactical athletes can have long, healthy lives.

We are honored to work with departments who are leading the charge in prioritizing the health and human performance of their members including Boston Fire Department, Broward County, Florida, Washington D.C., the state of Montana, Portland, Maine, and many other departments and agencies around the country.