BostonVoyager – Meet The O2X Founders


The O2X team is proud to be included on the BostonVoyager list of Boston’s Most Inspiring Stories. In answering questions for BostonVoyager, we were able to start 2018 by reflecting on our company history, our values, and our mission. And, it got us fired up about what is coming next for O2X as we continue to grow and push forward with our vision of maximizing human performance. We are just getting started!

O2X began as the brainchild and passion project of four co-founders: Paul, Adam, Gabriel, and Craig. While the product has changed over the years from mountain races to providing training and education programs to tactical athletes, the message of maximizing human performance has remained a constant. O2X recognized the health crisis facing our Nation’s first responders, and we are addressing it head-on through training and education.

To O2X, addressing the health crisis means maximizing human performance by implementing a comprehensive approach that encompasses all areas of life and performance. We call this our EAT SWEAT Thrive methodology, and we believe that all pillars are equally weighted and codependent. For tactical athletes, this approach means training for performance beyond general fitness.

We started with a blank canvas and we continue to pave the way in human performance for the tactical athlete. Our company culture, our depth of experience, and our team of subject-matter experts set us apart and are what drive our progress. We are most proud to offer a service primarily to first responders so they can keep their communities safe and finish their careers as strong as they started.

We are honored to be included on the BostonVoyager list of Boston’s Most Inspiring Stories and we look forward to continuing our work with first responders in Boston and tactical athletes across North America. #RiseHigher

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