Behind The Shield Podcast – Dr. Allison Brager


O2X sleep specialist Dr. Allison Brager recently shared a conversation with James Geering on his podcast, Behind The Shield. On the podcast, Dr. Brager talks about her background as an active duty Army officer, athlete, author, and neuroscientist.

Hear the full episode on Soundcloud: Episode 117 – Dr. Allison Brager

Dr. Brager talks about what led her to work at the Walter Reed Army Institute. She shares about her work with the military as well as the work she has done with Boston Fire Department as an O2X sleep specialist. Dr. Brager gives an overview of the phases of sleep and the effect they have on our growth and recovery. She highlights the complexity of sleep and the variety of purposes it serves in our recovery and performance.

Dr. Brager discusses the role of sleep in reaction time and how that impacts the prevalence of accidents and injuries for tactical athletes. Citing current studies and research, Dr. Brager highlights the importance of focusing on sleep in order to maximize human performance.

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