Tucson (AZ) Firefighters Focus on Mental and Physical Wellness



Tucson (AZ) Firefighters Focus on Mental and Physical Wellness

O2X Human Performance to provide training and education

Tucson, AZ – On March 21st and 22nd, Tucson area firefighters will participate in a two-day human performance workshop. The event will be led by O2X Human Performance, a training and education company that works primarily with tactical populations to optimize performance and increase career longevity.

Firefighters and other first responders face extraordinary challenges daily, leading to compounding stress over a 20+ year career. The curriculum provided at the workshop will aim to mitigate the impact of both mental and physical strain that can lead to behavioral health issues, fatigue, and burnout. O2X has successfully collaborated with hundreds of public safety agencies nationwide to provide state-of-the-art training and education aimed specifically at helping first responders finish their careers as strong as they started.

Sponsoring the workshop will be The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation and The 100 Club of Arizona – two organizations committed to the health and wellbeing of Arizona based first responders. 

“The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation recognizes that firefighters are on-the-job tactical athletes. We support their unique training needs and physical health by funding and facilitating a fitness certification program. With the experience of O2X, our region’s firefighters will obtain nationally recognized, accredited physical fitness training,” said Mike McKendrick, Chairman, Greater Tucson Fire Foundation.

“The 100 Club of Arizona addresses the wellness challenges in the public safety profession through our PEER 100 programs and is excited to partner with O2X who also implements a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to health and wellness. In 2022 our O2X participants enjoyed the well-rounded components of education, physical fitness and inspiration throughout the interactive event” said Rainee Crabtree, Programs Manager, 100 Club of Arizona.

During the sessions, firefighters will learn about nutrition, strength training, sleep, stress management, and resilience. The O2X team consists of hundreds of specialists, including U.S. Special Operations veterans, strength and conditioning coaches, mental performance experts, PhDs in nutrition and psychology, as well as sleep scientists – all dedicated to helping first responders elevate their human performance.

“O2X is excited to bring our program to Tucson,” said Paul McCullough, Co-founder at O2X Human Performance. “We’re confident our curriculum will play a key role in supporting the health and wellness of those who protect the Tucson community.”

The training will take place at 5125 West Camino de Fuego, Tucson, AZ, USA 

About O2X Human Performance 

O2X Human Performance provides comprehensive, science-backed programs to hundreds of public safety departments, federal agencies, and the military. O2X works with clients to elevate culture, improve mental and physical wellbeing, support healthy lifestyles, and reduce healthcare costs associated with injuries and illnesses. Driven by results and cutting edge research, O2X programs are designed and delivered by a team of Special Operations veterans, high level athletes, and hundreds of leading experts in their respective fields of human performance. 

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