The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: 93 – Dr. Allison Brager & Dr. Laurie Craigen

-Episode #93 featured two separate guests: Dr. Laurie Craigen, who specializes in Mental Health, and Dr. Allison Brager, who specializes in Sleep Performance.

-Laurie Craigen is an O2X Clinical Resilience Specialist and an Associate Professor in the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program at Boston University.

-She is an active Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Boston, received her PhD from the College of William and Mary, and has worked with clients experiencing trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression. Throughout the years, she has developed expertise in working with high performance athletes, clients working in high stress environments, and military connected individuals.

-Our second guest has made two separate appearances on the podcast prior to today. Dr. Allison Brager is an O2X Sleep Specialist and a Major in the U.S. Army. She is also an elite CrossFit athlete competing for the Army. Allison sits on fatigue management working groups for the federal government, Special Forces, and NATO. 

-Previously, at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; she and her teammates leveraged groundbreaking sleep discoveries to deliver knowledge products and material solutions to the Army. Her discoveries have most recently been delivered during Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Gotham. She has over 40 publications in flagship biomedical journals.

-Together, these two are going to discuss the overlap between sleep and mental health disorders. The following questions will be explored by both Laurie and Allison:

1. How does poor sleep quality affect mental health?

2. What are the common mental health disorders linked to sleep problems?

3. Can addressing sleep issues improve mental health conditions like anxiety and depression?

4. Exploring the impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions and emotional well-being.

5. How does a consistent sleep schedule contribute to better mental health?

6. Discussing the role of sleep disorders in exacerbating conditions like PTSD and bipolar disorder.

7. What strategies can individuals implement to enhance both their sleep and mental health?

8. Is there a connection between insomnia and the onset of mental health issues?

9. Examining the benefits of mindful practices for improving sleep and mental well-being.

10. How can therapists and sleep specialists collaborate to provide comprehensive care for patients?

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