Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA) Program

Bring O2X to your Law Enforcement Agency 
through the LEMHWA Program

Law enforcement agencies can initiate a variety of O2X Programs with no local match
through the Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA) Program. 

LEMHWA aims to support state, local, tribal, or territorial law enforcement agencies seeking to
implement new or enhance existing programs that offer training and services on officer emotional
and mental health, peer mentoring, suicide prevention, stress reduction, and support services for
officers and their families. Proposed projects may serve one agency, a consortium of agencies,
or personnel from agencies located within a county or state.

There is approximately $9.8 million in funding available through the FY 2024 LEMHWA implementation projects.
Each award is two years (24 months) in duration for a maximum of $200,000 per award.

Through this funding, O2X can provide necessary mental health resources and
personnel to law enforcement nationwide –
at no cost to the department or agency.

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