The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 66 – 2022 in Review

-Over 5000 tactical athletes, 2500 readiness assessments, 1200 human performance specialists and instructors, 430 training days, and more than 200 events – 2022 was a monumental year for O2X Human Performance.

-To discuss the accomplishments of O2X in 2022, we are joined by O2X Cofounders Adam La Reau and Paul McCullough. In their own words, Adam and Paul had mirrored a career throughout their time in the military – spending the majority of their time stationed with east coast based Navy SEAL teams. In 2013, along with the third cofounder Gabriel Gomez, they founded O2X Human Performance. You can hear Adam’s full story on episode #1 of the podcast and Paul’s full story on episode #44

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