The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 46 – HunterSeven Foundation

HunterSeven is a nonprofit whose mission is to research military exposures and their impact on the health of the veteran population, with the intention of sharing the data with the veteran and healthcare communities through education to increase awareness of exposures and the impact on veteran health.


Dr. Kate Pate is a neurophysiologist (PhD), athlete, entrepreneur, and coach dedicated to helping struggling service members, veterans, and first responders. She advocates for and educates on functional and non-traditional approaches to mental and physical health. Kate is a Medical Advisor for HunterSeven Foundation, a Board Member of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, and an Integration Coach for Heroic Hearts Project. In addition to coaching, Kate is also the CEO & Founder of Coruna Medical, LLC, a military-specific medical device company focused on solving the difficult problems facing the injured warfighter, especially as these problems pertain to administering medical care in austere environments. Kate comes from a military family and has always been passionate about finding ways to help those who serve others. Her primary objectives are to help people find the path to healing that works best for them, to change the narrative around how we discuss mental and physical health in our communities, and ultimately, to remove the stigmas associated with diagnoses and asking for help.


Chelsey Simoni is a cofounder of HunterSeven Foundation. She is also an Army veteran, flight medic and Emergency/Trauma Registered Nurse with advanced specialties in public health, case management, toxicology, and environmental exposures. Chelsey is an internationally published academic clinical researcher and also led the nation’s studies on monoclonal antibodies research for viral infections, while serving as an ER Nurse in Boston and attending school for an eventual doctoral degree.


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