The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 33 – Alex Hartmann

Alex Hartmann | Marine Corps Scout Sniper (ret.) + Co-Founder of Ridgeline Defense

Alex Hartmann is a former Marine Corps Scout Sniper with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
After leaving active service in 2016, his mission to serve the tactical population continued as a co-founder of Ridgeline Defense, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business whose mission is to defend America and her interests both at home and abroad, through the training and equipping of Military, Law Enforcement, and vetted Civilian clients.
They operate the Ridgeline Training Center located in Dalton, NH, in strategic partnership with the Team O’Neil Rally School. Their facility is designed by Special Operators and purpose-built to support world-class training, as well as to provide a discrete location for Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.
The core Ridgeline Instructor Cadre uniquely blends over 100 years of Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations experience into a purpose-driven and refined curriculum designed for student success. Ridgeline is comprised by Active and Former members of the U.S. Army Special Forces, the United States Marine Corps Scout/Sniper and Force Reconnaissance Communities, as well as State Police Emergency Response and EOD Teams.
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‘Hero Down: Team Shootout Challenge’ (Worcester Police Department/Braintree Police Department fundraiser):

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