The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 20 – Dave Terry

Dave Terry | Former Director of Sports Performance at Georgetown University + O2X On-Site Specialist

Dave Terry is the former Director of Sports Performance at Georgetown University. During his tenure, he trained all 29 sports teams, was a two-time finalist for Strength Coach of the year, and mentored dozens of coaches that went on to pursue careers in collegiate, professional and tactical strength and conditioning worlds.

Dave created Georgetown’s nationally renowned and accredited Sport Performance intern-mentorship program; which mentors college students as they developed into high-performance strength coaches.

Dave’s also the founder VET MAG – a program providing active-duty military and veteran status students access to strength and conditioning programming, movement education, and training facilities.

He holds multiple certifications from NSCA and USA Weightlifting as well as his Master’s in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University, his bachelors in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University, and recently completed a program in leadership at Cornell University.

Currently he works with the tactical population as an O2X On-Site Specialist where he facilitates our program and tends to the unique demands of tactical athletes.


‘A General Overview of Preparation for Tactical Personnel’ by James Smith:


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