The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: Episode 18 – Jess Harmon

Jess Harmon | U.S. Army Major + Doctor of Psychology

Jess Harmon is an O2X Clinical Resilience Specialist and works as an operational psychologist in the United States Army. Jess specializes in personnel selection, advanced behavioral consultation, and resilience and mental performance training for special operation forces. 

Jess has provided individual and organizational consultation for military personnel in both training and deployed environments.

Her trainings focus on a resilience based model of performance enhancement in high stress, fast-paced environments to prevent and mitigate the impacts of work and family related stressors in these settings. 

Jess has multiple combat deployments and has spent over 24 months in combat environments providing psychological support, including traumatic event management to individuals and teams in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Jess also works with service members and their families to provide preventative stress management training as well as teaching individuals how to develop and maintain resiliency and growth in the aftermath of trauma and loss.


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