The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: 10 Basic Strength & Conditioning Strategies – Frank Wintrich

-Frank Wintrich is the O2X Program Director at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

-He has over 20 years of Strength & Conditioning experience including roles as the Director of Football Performance at UCLA, Program Director for University of North Texas, BYU, and University of Virginia, Associate Director of S&C at University of South Florida, Director of Athletic Performance at The Citadel, and S&C Coach with U.S. Army’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division

-His ’10 Basic S&C Strategies You Can Implement Tomorrow’ are:
1 – Train where you’re “tight” – Don’t avoid movements or exercises that challenge “problem areas”
2 – Do something… every single day
3 – Treat that new habit as part of your daily routine
4 – 1% Better every day – focus on the process / not the outcome
5 – Be a student of the process – educate yourself about training, adaptation, etc.
6 – Sleep and recovery are essential
7 – Emphasize your aerobic fitness and get that right before pursuing any kind of strength / size goal
8 – Get off the strength machines as fast as you can
9 – Working out is more than just weights – you have to MOVE… especially as you get older.
10 – Get outside! / listen to a podcast / steps 

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