The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: 10 Basic Injury Prevention Strategies – Jason Mitchler

-Jason Mitchler is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, retired Special Forces Medic, and former Chief of Physical Therapy at the Pentagon 

-Jason joined the podcast on episode 13 where he ran us through his career in the military which includes two combat deployments to Afghanistan with 3rd Special Forces Group, attending the Special Forces Medic Course, receiving his DPT from the Army-Baylor program, serving as the sole physical therapist for Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan during his last deployment, and becoming the Chief of Physical Therapy at the Pentagon

-He currently works for Centura Health as the Director of Operations at the William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center

-His ’10 Basic Goal Setting Strategies You Can Implement Tomorrow’ are:
1 – You are not your parent’s injury or issue/you are not your past injury
2 – Pain does not always equal damage
3 – Work around your injury
4 – Every movement counts
5 – Move frequently, movement trumps any specific exercise or program
6 – Force discipline until it becomes habit
7 – Ankle mobility
8 – Hip mobility
9 – Upper back mobility
10 – Set a goal with consequences

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