The O2X Tactical Performance Podcast: 10 Basic Goal Setting Strategies – Dan Cnossen

-Dan Cnossen is a  Navy SEAL (ret.), Paralympian, and O2X Resilience Specialist 

-Dan joined the podcast on episode 3 where he ran us through story which includes graduating from the Naval Academy, making the SEAL Teams, losing his legs after stepping on an IED during his first deployment to Afghanistan, his recovery process,  making the U.S. Paralympic Team, winning a gold medal in the 7.5 kilometer biathlon during the 2018 Paralympics, attending Harvard University, and a lot more.

-Most recently, Dan competed in the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, China where he and his teammates won a gold medal in the mixed relay cross-country event

-His ’10 Basic Goal Setting Strategies You Can Implement Tomorrow’ are:
1 – Define your goals/innate ownership 
2 – Make sure the goal is realistic/attainable and that you have confidence there is a pathway to reach it
3 – Do not set timelines for the end result
4 – Think of a process to get there; map this out with benchmarks and sub-goals
5 – Put the end goal on the back burner
6 – Focus on the process / pathway and your effort / form habits within the process
7 – Debrief / check in with yourself periodically during the process 
8 – Make adjustments/improvements to the process if necessary 
9 – Accept the outcome if there is one
10 – Gauge “success” based on adherence to the plan/process, not on the “final result” if there one

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