September 2022 Updates from On-site


Our science-backed human performance programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis. The newest initiative in providing O2X’s world class training involves the integration of a Human Performance Specialist at the core of a department or unit, implementing programming designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members.

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out to learn more about this unique O2X service.

Massachusetts National Guard (MANG)—

Devon Smith, On-site Specialist with Massachusetts National Guard:

We finished off another strong year with the MA National Guard at the conclusion of this month. Our Warrior FIT program hosted eight days of workshops with six of them being single day events. These single day workshops saw a total of 107 SMs in attendance, 10 one on one consultation requests submitted to the performance team as a result of the event, and one brigade commander is working with the team to set up a customized performance plan for his full time staff. Those in attendance learned from experts on personal resilience and goal setting, high stress jobs, yoga/iRest, foundations of movement / injury prevention, and more. This month the program partnered with the US Army Research Institution for Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) to establish a baseline for our human performance programs and their connection to soldier tasks. Our Tier 1 Cohort 2 soldiers were the first National Guard SMs to complete the assessment, trailblazing for their fellow soldiers. The goal of this initiative is to generate qualitative data demonstrating the effectiveness of the WFIT program in the field. Our final Tier 1 cohort completed their follow up ACFT and the results are in! On their baseline attempt, 54% of soldiers passed the ACFT. At the conclusion of the workshop series and on their follow up ACFT, soldiers passed with an 86% success rate. Our average ACFT score increase was 35 points (out of a possible 600). These results speak for themselves. Always moving forward.

Washington D.C. Fire Department

Ryan Glaize and Conner Freeland, On-site Specialists with DC Fire & EMS:

This September, one of our major projects of the year went underway as 3 weight room build outs for Engine 10 / Truck 13, Engine 15 / Rescue Squad 3, and Engine 18, Truck 7 reached the manufacturing stage.   Working with Sorinex, we were able to continue the standardization process for all firehouses and install new equipment customized to each company in house.  Customization of the equipment adds a personal touch and pays homage to the traditions built at each house, so colors, patches, and slogans are all worked into each projects. The state of the art equipment utilizes every possible square inch of space in the most efficient way possible.

Within a week of the project moving forward, we were able to receive positive news on 4-5 more build outs for fiscal year 2023.  Locations were identified within 3 different battalions in need of updated equipment and the measurement and design phase is just beginning.

Arlington County Fire Department

Trevor Sheasley, On-site Specialist with Arlington County Fire Department:

Every September Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) takes a moment to pause and reflect on the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. As one of the departments who responded to the Pentagon attack, ACFD Firefighters feel a deep connection to the events of that day, with some members of the department having seen the events of that day unfold in real time back in 2001. To honor and remember those we lost Arlington County hosts several public events with the largest being the 9/11 Memorial 5k which is supported by Fire, Police, Sheriff and ECC. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the memorial 5k and saw over 1,000 runners in person with even more performing the run virtually from around the world. The run’s route takes runners next to Arlington Cemetery, around the Pentagon and finishes in Crystal City. The run will continue annually so consider signing up and running in this event by signing up in August next year. Internally Arlington Firefighters conduct a memorial stair climb to remember the firefighters, police officers, and civilians lost in the World Trade Center. This year, like previous years, ACFD and ACPD members climbed 110 floors to remember the 343 firefighters, 72 police officers lost that day.

Frederick County Fire Department

Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department:

September, as always, in the fire service is a month of remembrance. Many members of Frederick County Fire and Rescue participated in a 9/11 memorial stair climb to honor the 343 firefighters and 72 police officers lost that day. Whether it was running the parking deck downtown Frederick or running the training tower at the PSFT, members completed 110 flights of stairs. Some members completed it in turnout gear, while others completed it in PT gear.

September was the conclusion of RC 32’s 28 week academy training. We completed the final PFA (physical fitness assessment) with all members showing exponential progress from the initial PFA, and the mid-term PFA that they complete at the beginning and mid point of the academy training program. All recruits got faster, stronger, improved their mobility, and demonstrated a better awareness and understanding of how to fuel for performance. Members of recruit class 32 and FCFR instructors completed the traditional 5 mile motivational run through the city of Frederick. Every class completes this as a pride run at the conclusion of their academy training. Led by BC Malta, the group ran through the streets of Frederick and past 3 of the busiest firehouses. RC32 then went on to graduate on September 9th, 2022.

Berkeley Public Safety

Gary Heron and Jacqueline Martinez, On-site Specialists

September saw the first of three workshops tailored to the Berkeley Police Department.  O2X was able to be part of a training day at the Art Koch Range and Training Facility in Fairfield, California.  While members of the police department received training on Hazmat, Gas Mask, and grappling techniques, O2X was able to present information about Mental Resilience and Performance along with going over proper components of a Prepare and Recovery routine.

October will see the start of the next Berkeley Fire Academy class in which we’ll be providing programming and coaching for all PT sessions as well as Athletic Training support to reduce and treat injuries.  This will be the first academy that O2X has taken the lead in the physical development and training of the Academy and it represents a true integration of the Eat, Sweat and Thrive philosophy and program into the Berkeley Fire Department.  Members will be led through their physical training and also be provided various educational opportunities to learn all of the components to support their development.

We’ll also be hosting the last 2 workshops for the Berkeley Police Department which will be a great opportunity to provide more of their members with some tools on mental resilience and performance.  With such a great workshop in September, we’re excited to kick off these October dates as well.   Finally, to wrap up the month we’ll be traveling up to Sacramento for the Family Night of the Police Academy to introduce O2X to the newest recruits of the police department and show them the kind of support they will have as they start their careers with the Berkeley Police Department

United States Army Reserve

Jordan Moses, On-site Specialist

August and September kicked off the H2F program with the Army Reserve. The On-Site Specialist, Jordan Moses MS, ATC, CSCS, hit the ground running with O2X presentations for 6 different units. Before coming to O2X, Jordan spent time with Air Force Special Warfare at Lackland AFB, 1-2 & 2-2 Stryker BDE at JBLM, and the Army Officer Schools at Ft. Benning. He also received his Masters in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and his undergrad in Athletic Training at the University of Evansville.

August started off with a series of “Injury Prevention and Pain Management” workshops with 5 units.  Members were presented with information on the mission and objectives of the H2F program, and then taken through the O2X app.  September followed with a series on Fueling for Performance.

Moving forward, there will be monthly workshops for all seven units of the Cohort, as well as continued outreach to get more Service Members involved in H2F through individual programs, nutritional support, weekly assessments,and other online resources.