October 2022 Updates from On-site


Our science-backed human performance programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis. The newest initiative in providing O2X’s world class training involves the integration of a Human Performance Specialist at the core of a department or unit, implementing programming designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members.

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out https://www.o2x.com/approach/ to learn more about this unique O2X service.

Massachusetts National Guard (MANG)—

Devon Smith, On-site Specialist with Massachusetts National Guard:

This past month at the Guard we started a new fiscal year coming out strong with hosting readiness assessments for units and specifically finalizing readiness assessments (RA)  with the 26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MEB). We have scheduled a seminar with the 26th MEB to review hands-on ACFT technique and strategies, as well as an RA overview and a nutrition presentation. We have also begun scheduling half day seminars with other units to include our newly expanded support of the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). We held meetings with our RSP leadership to plan out the training and education sessions for the coming year. Last fiscal year we worked with one of three RSP locations, which laid the foundation for our performance team being involved with the entire RSP program. Additionally, units are reaching out to schedule our team to attend drill weekends and annual training. Kicking off the new fiscal year we will be focusing on developing our program at the company, battalion, and brigade levels to more efficiently and effectively reach our M-Day population.

Washington D.C. Fire Department

Ryan Glaize and Conner Freeland, On-site Specialists with DC Fire & EMS:

This month our OSS team has been busy keeping up with the high number of Return to Work members in our program.  Currently, we are training / rehabilitating 17 individuals nearly each day at the Training Academy or PR Harris.  This month we were also proud to see 3 members be successfully moved to a Full-Duty status by passing the Bruce Protocol Stress Test or Fit for Duty test at the National Rehabilitation Hospital respectively.  We anticipate 4 more passes in the month of November and are expecting to have the same amount enter our program.  This facet of the O2X program has become an increasingly important part of our day-to-day operations.  Newly acquired donations from Gonzaga College High School have aided in our ability to support more members at once and helped further organize our training space.  With 2 new Sorinex Racks attached by a pullup bridge and a 3 tier storage rack, we are able to save more valuable floor space and continue to train higher numbers.  We look forward to continuing this room’s expansion and obtaining more quality equipment to better train our recruits, cadets, return to work members, and others within the department!


Arlington County Fire Department

Trevor Sheasley, On-site Specialist with Arlington County Fire Department:

In October O2X’s On Site Specialist, Trevor Sheasley, delivered a presentation to Arlington County’s employees during their Safety Days event. This presentation covered important information that would educate attendees on what causes an injury and methods to improve resiliency in hopes of reducing the likelihood an injury would occur. Final numbers showed more than 150 members saw this presentation. Educational opportunities such as these for operations staff and labor employees could impact injury costs both through workers compensation and medical bills leading to a savings for the organization. This is one of many reasons why O2X’s Workshops are a valuable resource that organizations across the country are investing in. 

The Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) team and Trevor met in October to review the previous years efforts at supporting the health and wellness of the department. Critical information was shared amongst the team that will directly impact next year’s Duty Fit evaluation as well as access to training and testing equipment. Something ACFD and O2X are proud of is supporting a diverse group of fire professionals who have a wide range of experiences that allow the PFT team to tackle tough subjects such as exercise, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness.

Frederick County Fire Department

Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department:

The month of October focused on firehouse visits and offering recovery mobility sessions. Hitting all 25 firehouses this month kept us busy in Frederick. Along with visits, we also began the annual O2X Readiness Assessment testing with the whole department. October 25th was the start of a 6-week testing block. O2X will be stationed at 5 different firehouses, a different location each week, while units will rotate through to complete the Readiness Assessment. The Readiness Assessment leverages validated mental and physical survey questions, paired with practical movement assessments for mobility, stability, and capacity. This process identifies asymmetries or weaknesses as compared to normative standards and identifies opportunities to lower the risk of illness or injury. From the end of October through November, the entire department will have the opportunity to assess their baseline and check in with myself, the On-Site Specialist for Frederick. 

    Humans Over Hardware part 2 was finalized and sent over to Fire Engineering. This article is a follow up from the first article we did back in 2020 which highlights the program here in Frederick and now also highlights the progress made in both physical training and cost savings for the county. Head on over to Fire Engineering to check out the latest update on the O2X program here in Frederick County MD.

Berkeley Public Safety

Gary Heron and Jacqueline Martinez, On-site Specialists

October in Berkeley brought about the final two workshops with the Police Department on Mental Resilience and Performance Skills.  Once again, the O2X team was incorporated into the training day at the Art Koch Range and Training Facility where lead instructor Stephen Scrobe along with Mental Performance Experts Stephanie Zavilla, and Jenna Weinstein discussed ways to incorporate a tactical pause into high stress situations as well as learning how to identify stressors as they build up while on the job and at home.

The end of the month also presented an opportunity to meet the next generation of Berkeley Police Officers.  Jacqueline, along with our west coast business manager John Vargo, traveled to Sacramento to go to the Family Night of the Sacramento Police Academy that is training 3 incoming Berkeley Police Recruits currently.  It was a great night to introduce incoming officers to the O2X program that awaits them as well as meet some other local agencies in the area and showcase all that O2X can offer.

November will see the official integration of O2X into the Berkeley Fire Academy with Recruit Class 112.  The past month has seen the creation of the initial fitness assessment plan as well as the creation of an initial phase of their strength and conditioning program.  Over the coming months recruits will be further introduced into the O2X methodology and the hope is to add some new equipment pieces to the Academy training program to help facilitate their well rounded development.

United States Army Reserve

Jordan Moses, On-site Specialist

October continued our unit presentations with a series on Strength and Conditioning focusing on basic exercise principles. A total of 531 Soldiers from all 7 units of Cohort A received the training and further instruction on the O2X app. We launched our H2f specific weekly assessment to get snapshots of Soldiers’ daily lives to better understand how to help make lifestyle changes.