O2X Human Performance attends 2020 R3SP Training Event


This week a team from O2X Human Performance will be attending the 2020 Army National Guard Bureau’s Resilience, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention (R3SP) Training Event at Camp Robinson, AR.

O2X’s team of specialists will be on-site hosting morning physical training and Yoga for Tactical Athletes sessions for conference attendees.  Dr. Maria Urso will also be delivering a presentation on the key elements of performance that lead to optimum war fighter readiness, retention, and resilience.  Preceding Dr. Urso will be a presentation from O2X co-founder Paul McCullough, Maj. Katherine Murphy (MA ARNG), and Dr. Meg Garvey, MA ARNG on-site O2X specialist, on the implementation of the O2X program in Mass.

Members of the O2X Operations team will also be on-site to demo the O2X Body Composition Analysis and Injury Vulnerability Assessments that are being offered to MA ARNG soldiers as part of their annual PHA.


MA ARNG soldiers undergoing the Injury Vulnerability Assessment