O2X Teams Up with Crossover Symmetry – Focusing on Shoulder Health for Tactical Athletes


At the most recent O2X Human Performance workshop in Quincy, MA, tactical athletes were able to learn about shoulder health and injury prevention with systems provided by Crossover Symmetry. O2X experts taught firefighters from departments across Massachusetts about the role of prehabilitation and shoulder mobility in staying injury free so they can maximize their performance on and off the job.

Boston, MA – O2X and Crossover Symmetry are excited to announce a partnership to provide tactical athletes with the education and tools they need to maintain shoulder health and stay injury free so they can finish their careers stronger than they started.

O2X provides comprehensive human performance training and education for firefighters, first responders, military personnel, and other tactical athletes who face heightened levels of mental and physical stress on a daily basis. O2X’s comprehensive Eat Sweat Thrive curriculum offers a science-backed approach to improving the health of tactical athletes through prehabilitation, conditioning, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and resilience training.

Crossover Symmetry developed a performance system that targets shoulder health. The Crossover Symmetry system is comprised of durable resistance bands accompanied by evidence based programming proven to develop and maintain shoulder health. Both O2X and Crossover Symmetry place a strong emphasis on injury prevention and optimal performance, and joining together is a natural fit.

Crossover Symmetry has worked with the Denver Fire Department and Milwaukee Fire Department, where they have seen quantifiable success in injury prevention and recovery after implementing their shoulder protocol.

“It has been exciting for us to see how much of a positive impact Crossover Symmetry can have on the shoulder health of firefighters and other tactical athletes,” said Duggan Moran, President and Founder of Crossover Symmetry. “We know that through our partnership with O2X, we will be able to assist a greater number of tactical professionals who are in need of an effective rehabilitation program.”

O2X started its work with the Boston Fire Department and since then has worked with firefighters and other tactical athletes from over 50 departments nation-wide. After implementing the O2X Human Performance program for 16 weeks, over 92% of the members of the Boston Fire Academy class who participated improved in key performance indicators of strength and 73% of participants improved in aerobic capacity.

“Ensuring that tactical athletes finish their careers as strong as they started is the mission behind O2X,” said Adam La Reau, O2X Founder. “Orthopedic injuries occur at an alarming rate impacting levels of readiness and sustainability of the force, which we are reducing through our Eat Sweat Thrive methodology. Finding quality products and partnerships is critical to continue to bring high impact to these heroes and their departments. We are excited to work with a well-respected company like Crossover Symmetry. They have a commitment to reducing shoulder injuries and serving those who serve us.”

By combining O2X’s passion for maximizing human performance through science-backed training and Crossover Symmetry’s evidence backed system for shoulder health, O2X and Crossover Symmetry will be better able to serve our Nation’s heroes so they can live healthier and more fulfilling lives, both on and off the job.


For more information on O2X, you can find them at O2X.com and on social media at @o2xhumanperformance

For more information on Crossover Symmetry, you can find them at CrossoverSymmetry.com and on social media @CrossoverSymtry

About O2X:
O2X was born from VO2 Max, the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular fitness. O2X strives to be the gold standard in providing human performance training and education to firefighters, first responders, military personnel, elite organizations, and other tactical athletes.

O2X provides comprehensive human performance training so tactical athletes can finish their careers stronger than they started. The team is comprised of U.S./UK Special Operations veterans, Olympic and collegiate athletes, and 30+ human performance experts who provide the latest cutting-edge science and research in each of the primary fields of health and wellness.

About Crossover Symmetry:
Crossover Symmetry is an evidence based shoulder health and performance system, developed by top sports physical therapists, athletes, and coaches. The programs are designed to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics in order to eliminate pain, reduce risk of injury and optimize performance.

Unlike traditional rehab exercises, the Crossover Symmetry exercises are designed to mirror the functional patterning of sport specific movements. They target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve the neuromuscular coordination thereby enhancing athletic performance.