Three 15-Minute Workouts You Can Do While on Shift


By O2X Instructor Sam McChesney

The most important tool in the fire service is the people. Overall health is a vital aspect of the fire service. When we are healthy, have a positive mindset, and are strong and conditioned, we are in the best position to serve our communities. It is important to be fit for our own health, for our families, for our department, for our patients, and for our residents.

As firefighters, we can be called to have power, strength, endurance, or mobility. Often times we need all of them at varying times during just one call. Working out on shift can feel like a daunting task at times. Our days are filled with scheduled and unscheduled activities, and we wonder when we are supposed to fit our training in. There are truck checks, cleaning the station, training, medicals, fire alarms, and everything in between. On top of that, we have the limitations of minimal equipment, a high call volume, job and life stressors, and chronic fatigue.

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