March 2022 Updates from On-site


Our science-backed human performance programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis. The newest initiative in providing O2X’s world class training involves the integration of a Human Performance Specialist at the core of a department or unit, implementing programming designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members.  

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out to learn more about this unique O2X service.

 Massachusetts National Guard (MANG)—

Devon Smith, On-site Specialist with Massachusetts National Guard:

March was another impactful month with the MA Guard. This month saw another visit to the Regional Training Institute where we presented on building resilience to medics participating in a professional development course. This presentation covered acute and chronic management of stress using EAT SWEAT THRIVE principles and 1% solutions. Afternoon open hours have been added to our weekly schedule to provide access to the OSS team as the Soldiers head home for the day. Instructions and a downloadable PDF with instructions for a DIY ACFT Kit were uploaded to the Tactical Performance HPS Dashboard. The intent is to provide a solution to the common reasoning of not having access to equipment.

Our Injury Prevention Specialist began working directly with the MANG Case Manager team and several of their soldiers who are currently on profile. This collaborative work is to help inform profile decision making for the case managers and to assist the Soldiers in improving pain and physical function to improve physical readiness, reduce temporary profile restriction and decrease the number of Soldiers who are being transitioned to permanent profiles. Soldiers working with the Injury Prevention Specialist are currently meeting one-on-one for rehab programming and assessment in-person one to two days per week. Virtual lunch and learns are streamed twice a week by our Nutrition Specialist covering a range of topics. 

Washington D.C. Fire Department

Ryan Glaize and Conner Freeland, On-site Specialists with DC Fire & EMS:

This March, the on-site specialist team stayed busy at the Training Academy and around the department.  Recruit Class 399 improved in every facet of athletic performance as indicated by our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) testing.  We completed 1 rep max testing with barbell front squat, barbell bench, 300 yard shuttles, and a 1.5 mile run.  We moved through a general physical preparation block of training in February to a strength development block in March.  We saw the biggest improvement in their strength numbers during this month and had a high number of personal records broken.  We also hosted our biggest mobility sessions for recruits and firefighters to date.  These sessions taught proper ways to recover using simple tools like PVC pipe and lacrosse balls.  OSS Steve Taylor took members through 20+ different stretches and trigger point releases including: over-unders, external shoulder rotation, shoulder extension, doorway stretch, and the sleeper stretch.  Within the department, the OSS Team was active in running members through group training at their respective firehouses, cooking demonstrations, and manual therapy.  However, most our time was spent at E15, E18, and E10 obtaining measurements and creating designs for their new weight rooms.  This massive project should be completed by Fall 2022 and will be the 5th build out O2X has been responsible for.

Arlington County Fire Department

Trevor Sheasley, On-site Specialist with Arlington County Fire Department:

March’s weather was mild and pleasant for the Northern Virginia area, which allowed the Arlington County Fire Department opportunities to conduct even more training. Along with these training exercises Trevor has seen an increase in his group training requests. A combination of nice weather and a department-wide weight loss challenge organized by the Firefighters has sparked interest in nutrition and fitness consultations. 

With Recruit Class 81 coming in next month, Trevor has been working with the Fire Training Academy cadre to develop effective training plans. These plans are centered around developing the Recruits’ aerobic capacity, strength endurance, and power. These are all vital components they will need throughout the academy as well as their careers. Lieutenant Jamie Jill is heading the physical training program for the academy and brings years of fitness and coaching experience. This class will experience a newly revamped Physical Training (PT) test that has been developed to provide better data on performance as it relates to being a firefighter. It will also tie in well with a physical fitness test already being implemented in the field called Duty Fit. Duty Fit tests the firefighters’ ability to perform job specific tasks while on air. With these testing measures Trevor and ACFD leadership will have a better understanding of the departments’ level of preparedness.

Frederick County Fire Department

Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department:

Weekly O2X “Tip of the Week” webinars continued on through March. Topics in March included sleep, mindset and resilience, CVD in the fire service, and healthy nutritional recipes. These have continued to provide great information across the whole department. Members log in each morning as a shift to participate in these quick 15-30 minute segments on various topics. Firehouse visits continue to increase on a day-to-day basis. This has kept our on-site specialist, Kayla, busy going back and forth between training at the academy, facilitating weekly webinars, and making rounds to firehouses across the county. 

Dicks Sporting Goods in Frederick donated a load of adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells to Frederick County Fire and Rescue. This equipment will be utilized in various firehouses across the county for physical training.