Maintaining a Probie Mindset: The 25-Year Probie


By Kenny Hayes

This topic has been sitting with me for a while. Countless hours have been spent brainstorming and analyzing just how I could put my thoughts and ideas into a concise and coherent article. One positive note is that the title itself remains virtually unchanged, no matter where I am in my career…just add a year!

I recently transferred and am now the captain of the busiest fire company in the City of Boston. Like most fire departments, it takes time in rank and a bit of luck to get to those certain spots. I am extremely grateful to be working there. As the captain of Ladder 4, I am the company commander of all four groups and direct supervisor to a crew of four firefighters on my shift. The other three groups have a lieutenant and four to five firefighters each. It is not uncommon here at “Dudley Street” to have firefighters with two decades of experience working on each group.

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