Kansas Fire Rescue Training Institute Set To Fight Mental and Physical Stressors



Kansas Fire Rescue Training Institute Set To Fight Mental and Physical Stressors

Partners with O2X Human Performance for 4-day workshop to optimize health and wellness

Lawrence, KS – From May 26-29, first responder personnel within the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute (KFRTI) will participate in a four-day mental and physical health, wellness, and resilience training workshop.

The workshop will be run by O2X Human Performance, a training and education company founded by former Navy SEALs. As tactical athletes, first responders risk their lives daily to keep their communities safe. They endure physical and, more importantly, mental stress throughout their careers. As a result, it’s become critical that they train their bodies properly to stay healthy, but also maintain their mental health.

Beginning Thursday, both fire and EMS personnel take the first step in this program with a focus on their overall health and wellness based on a prepared curriculum provided by O2X certified professionals across a variety of fields germane to promoting physical and mental performance. During the sessions, new recruits will learn about nutrition, strength training, sleep science, stress management, and resilience from the O2X team. The group will also be participating in physical training, yoga, practical activities, and taking baseline performance assessments that will be used to track progress over their career.

O2X Human Performance works with thousands of first responders and designed programs for federal, state, and local agencies nationwide. They provide state-of-the-art training and education aimed specifically at helping tactical athletes finish their careers as strong as they started.

“Being a firefighter involves a lot more than extinguishing emergency fires,” said Kelly McCoy, director of the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute, part of the University of Kansas Lifelong & Professional Education unit. “We’re looking forward to partnering with O2X in offering our team an opportunity to learn how best to handle the mental and physical strains they may experience on the job. These are valuable lessons and habits that will help them prioritize their overall wellness throughout their careers.”

“We’re excited to bring the O2X curriculum to the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute,” said Paul McCullough, Co-founder at O2X Human Performance. “This workshop will act as a foundation for these firefighters to keep their physical health and mental wellness a part of their daily lives, in order to stay prepared for the demands of the job.”

The workshops will be held from 8am to 4pm at the Kansas FRTI, Nickell Barracks Training Center
2930 Scanlan Ave., Salina, KS 67401.

About O2X Human Performance
O2X Human Performance provides comprehensive, science-backed programs to hundreds of public safety departments, federal agencies, and the military. O2X works with clients to elevate culture, improve mental and physical wellbeing, support healthy lifestyles, and reduce healthcare costs associated with injuries and illnesses. Driven by results and cutting edge research, O2X programs are designed and delivered by a team of Special Operations veterans, high level athletes, and hundreds of leading experts in their respective fields of human performance.

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