July 2022 Updates from On-site


Our science-backed human performance programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis. The newest initiative in providing O2X’s world class training involves the integration of a Human Performance Specialist at the core of a department or unit, implementing programming designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members.  

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out https://www.o2x.com/approach/ to learn more about this unique O2X service.

Massachusetts National Guard (MANG)—

Devon Smith, On-site Specialist with Massachusetts National Guard:

This month at MANG we continued our Warrior FIT workshops series at Ft. Devens. Two Cohorts of Soldiers simultaneously completed readiness assessments, a diagnostics ACFT and attended presentations on Injury Prevention, Strength and Conditioning, Financial Wellness, and Nutrition/Hydration. SMs also were able to get experience using ACFT event specific equipment to familiarize themselves with the technique while receiving feedback on technique. With this familiarization we were able to provide SMs with individualized strategies and points of performance. The workshop created multiple consults as well as influenced several soldiers to attend weekly drop in training sessions at Hanscom and Joint Base Cape Cod. As a performance team, we made our monthly trip to the Recruit Sustainment Program – Bravo, which included a morning PT session, Readiness assessments, and Nutrition Q/A. These sessions are followed by observations and guidance from our team on Eat Sweat Thrive optimization. The human performance specialist and I observed and assisted the 104th FW Security Forces Squadron while they ran a diagnostic for a new physical assessment. We provided feedback, guidance, and personalized programming to these Airmen with plans to return for another diagnostic and to continue training support. Over the month we have also been running more body composition assessments using a BodPod, which provides us with more data points to better assist SMs. August will be a great month for our workshop series and single day workshop events. Our team will also be attending multiple annual trainings and special training events to better serve the MANG service members heading into the fall season.

Washington D.C. Fire Department

Ryan Glaize and Conner Freeland, On-site Specialists with DC Fire & EMS:

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our 2022 Transformation Challenge!  We had exceptional participation from DC Fire leadership and quadrupled our civilian participation this year.  Out of the 100+ members that initially signed up, 33 weighed out. Participants lost a total of 215 lbs altogether, averaging 6.5 lbs per member.  The group also averaged 2.5% loss in body fat, but most impressively had an average of 9.2% total change in body composition.   We were proud to see more members sticking with the training programs, following the diets, and safely losing the weight while adding muscle mass.

Lastly, a big congratulations to the Executive Staff for defeating Local 36 in their friendly competition!  8 out of 11 members from the Reeves Center weighed out.

O2X has had the opportunity to be a part of the D.C. Summer Youth program this summer. We have been able to teach the youth about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, recovery, and wellness. These hands-on workshops focus on how to stay physically fit, which will help their careers down the road.  The goal of this program is to expose these interested students into the Cadet Program, which will eventually lead them into becoming firefighters. Culture change happens at every level and effective programs build from the ground up. Health & Wellness will always be the main focus of O2X and we were excited to have the opportunity to start early with this group.

Arlington County Fire Department

Trevor Sheasley, On-site Specialist with Arlington County Fire Department:

ACFD spent much of July performing essential training and exercises that will refresh key skills needed to serve their community. These drills range from Water Rescue, Technical Rescue and Hazmat, all of which are specialty units within the Arlington County Fire Department. The On-Site Human Performance Specialist, Trevor Sheasley, was able to observe the Technical Rescue Team in action as they performed several different drills that simulated a collapse. The equipment required for this drill weighed up to 100 pounds and required the Firefighter to hold the equipment in a static position for a period of time. Observations like this is essential for the On-Site Specialist to witness, as it will certainly modify Trevor’s program design for member’s of this team.

A final closeout was performed for ACFD’s Duty Fit self assessment that was completed in June 2022. Over 300 Arlington Firefighters were able to complete the self assessment, which is around 85% of the department. All this was done within the 30 day window with 0 reported injuries resulting from the self assessment. This was a major accomplishment for the Peer Fitness Team and its partnership with O2X.

Frederick County Fire Department

Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department:

Most of July was spent in the firehouses facilitating workouts, mobility sessions, nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, and delivering visual resources to hang up in the firehouses. While in the firehouses, I have had the opportunity to introduce some shifts to new recipes to cook for lunch. Some of those recipes include Old Bay burger bowls, chicken avocado melts, and shredded pork tenderloin tacos.  In addition to my normal scheduled visits, I have actively participated in Firehouse visits that focus on informing the department on the resources available through Peer Support and introducing Natalie Bowers, who is our new Behavioral Health Coordinator. This has developed a new partnership as O2X works with Peer Support and Natalie to provide a complete approach to health and wellness in the fire service. 

Recruit Training is in the middle of phase 3 of the performance program. This phase consists of an increase in the intensity, load, and volume, all while exposing the recruits to job related tasks with the goal of developing movement competency. Yogamour has continued to provide yoga sessions to the recruits as part of their recovery day throughout the week. This has been a valuable addition to the program as it emphasizes the importance of recovery and exposes them to a new experience. 

Berkeley Public Safety

Gary Heron and Jacqueline Martinez, On-site Specialists

The month of July focused on getting the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) acquainted with the On-Site Specialist and O2X. The month started off with O2X workshops with BPD where members were introduced to Gary Heron and Jacqueline Martinez and taken through the Tactical Athlete Readiness Assessment (RA). So far, O2X has administered 140 RA between the Fire (n=65) and Police (n=75) Departments in Berkeley. Being able to look at the departments as a whole after the readiness assessments will allow Gary and Jacqueline to focus on certain areas that need improvements. 

Jacqueline was able to increase the number of appointments in July. She has administered 54 treatment sessions and 21 injury evaluations. After the PD rollout sessions, Jacqueline has increased the amount of clinic days at her office in the Traffic Bureau. Individuals of the police and fire departments are able to come see her for an appointment and the days are filling up. 

Gary has been hard at work putting together programs for the members of both police and fire departments. He has written 724 days of programming for 38 different members. 

Up next, Berkeley Public Safety is planning for workshops for both Fire and Police. At these workshops, the members will learn different aspects related to the Eat Sweat Thrive model. Gary is also starting to put together a training plan for Fire Academy 112 and Jacqueline has challenged the PD records department to a fitness challenge for August.