The Importance of Getting Bloodwork


By: O2X Nutrition Specialist Erik Bustillo (MS, RD)

Getting blood work done should be a part of everyone’s health & performance routine. Ideally, this would occur at least once a year, where there is a blood draw and a review of the results with a qualified healthcare professional. Blood tests are used to measure specific markers, examine cells, chemicals, proteins, and/or other substances in the blood.

Labs are important to assess for various reasons such as (but not limited to) these listed below:

  • Helping diagnose certain diseases and conditions like diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease
  • Monitor a chronic disease or condition
  • Check how well the liver, kidneys, heart, and thyroid are working 
  • Show how effective medical treatments are working 
  • Find out if the immune system is having trouble fighting infection
  • Assess how well the blood is clotting 


Lab tests should include a general “full panel” which consists of various tests that can help ensure an individual is in overall good health. There are several tests that are vital in helping evaluate someone’s current state of health…


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