Human Performance Specialists

Our team of Human Performance Specialists are carefully vetted and members are identified as leaders in their respective fields. Not only are they subject matter experts, but they are world-class presenters and educators.

We are looking for human performance specialists in the following categories: Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention (Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists), Diet and Nutrition, Sleep, Personal Resilience, Mental Performance, Clinical Resilience, Yoga, Financial Management, Movement, and Medicine. 

If this sounds like you there are two ways to get involved: as an On-Site Specialist (Full Time) or as a Workshop Specialist (Contract). Please see job descriptions below.

On-Site Specialists are placed within departments, agencies, and organizations to work full-time and provide specific support to members in their areas of expertise. The role requires daily interaction with tactical athletes and leadership to train, equip, and prepare the population for optimal performance in their jobs. This includes targeted resources within the specialists’ primary areas of focus, but also general performance guidance and coordination with the entire O2X network of industry-leading experts.

Full-time employment for those that are ready to relocate within the next 30-60 days

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Workshop Specialists play an integral role in developing and teaching the O2X Human Performance program at our in-person workshops and via our virtual offerings. Workshop Specialists play an integral part in ensuring that the content and curriculum we offer clients is rooted in the latest, cutting-edge science and research.

Contract-based employment for those who need flexibility and don’t mind traveling

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  • Enhance the readiness of all client agency members. Design, implement, document, and provide direct daily oversight of all human performance services utilizing O2X methodical approach for required level of peak and sustained performance and conditioning of client agency members.
  • Inspect, monitor, and evaluate information, work-related conditions, and health and wellness equipment.
  • Serve as conduit between O2X and client, access point to entire network or O2X personnel and resources.
  • Direct O2X Human Performance program graduates to help disseminate and educate health, fitness and safety training for all department personnel.
  • Submit input to improve process, efficiency and impact to O2X Human Performance team as well as client agency.
  • Conduct and coordinate fitness evaluations and development of individual conditioning programs specific to tactical athletes.
  • Develop physical preparedness programs and coordinated training continuum with a focus on increased performance, longevity, and productivity.
  • Organize human performance-based testing, evaluation and integration into performance enhancement tools
  • Provide recommendations on human performance initiatives and programs.
  • Consistently conduct research and integration of data driven understanding of human performance.
  • Identify new technologies and tools that O2X can implement to enhance program.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • Certifications required for practice in area of expertise (CSCS, ATC, RD, CPR/AED, etc)
  • Demonstrable accumulated experience with individual athletes and groups of athletes at the levels of NCAA Division I, Olympic, professional, first responder, and/or SOF operators in the accompanying, respective setting (3+ years preferred)
  • Lifelong passion for training, human performance, and athletics
  • Up-to-date technical knowledge of web, mobile and software technologies integration of human performance / conditioning
  • Experience or contacts in web / tech based human performance project tools
  • Demonstrated project management as well as strong problem-solving skills
  • Solid understanding of human performance metrics
  • Contacts within the athletic and sports conditioning fields
  • Proven verbal and written communication skills in English

O2X Integrated Specialist Program (Full Time)

  • Certified Athletic Trainer: San Antonio, TX
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: San Antonio, TX
  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant: Santa Ana, CA
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: Santa Ana, CA
  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant: Pittsford, VT
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: Pittsford, VT 
  • Registered Dietician: Pittsford, VT
  • Certified Athletic Trainer: Pittsford, VT

O2X Workshop Specialist (Contract)

  • All Human Performance Specialties- Greater Washington DC Area
  • Sleep Specialists- No Location Preference
  • Clinical Psychologists- No Location Preference

Thank you for your interest in joining the O2X Human Performance team. In order for us to gain a better understanding of your expertise and area of specialty, please fill out this form below. We look forward to hearing from you.