Health & Wellness: Timberline Partners with O2X Human Performance to Optimize Employee Well-being


Canton, MA – Timberline Construction Corp. has kicked off a new comprehensive wellness program to create an extra layer of support for their teammates. Along with frequent mental and physical performance-focused training, the program is led by a full-time Human Performance Specialist to help employees train properly, reduce the risk of injury and stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

The program is being provided by O2X Human Performance, a Massachusetts-based training and education company founded by former Navy SEALs. O2X works with organizations to provide state-of-the-art human performance plans geared specifically toward career longevity and individual fulfillment.

Along with falling victim to the nationwide mental health crisis, the construction industry is known to have high accident rates. From being on tough job sites during inclement weather to working with heavy equipment while conducting major commercial construction projects –Timberline employees are faced with both mental and physical stress. By partnering with O2X, Timberline has taken an important step in mitigating these occupational hazards. O2X’s curriculum will be customized to meet the demands of Timberline’s personnel and geared towards optimizing occupational and individual performance. The goal is to offer tools to mitigate the impact of mental and physical strain that can lead to behavioral health issues, fatigue and burnout…

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