FirstNet, Built with AT&T® and O2X Deliver Human Performance Workshop to Delaware State Police


On June 5th and 6th, the Delaware State Police became the latest organization to receive a 2-day human performance workshop – sponsored by FirstNet®, Built with AT&T. As part of a series of workshops taking place across the country, 28 Troopers with Delaware State Police were delivered a customized training curriculum aimed at performance optimization and career longevity. 

To date, FirstNet, Built with AT&T® and O2X have collaborated on thirteen engagements across 

ten states – including Iowa, California, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, Arizona, Michigan, and Colorado. Each engagement has pulled from a variety of first responder populations and has provided evidence-based skills that assist in mitigating the stressors that come with a career in public safety. 

In the latest evolution of the O2X/FirstNet, Built with AT&T® collaboration, Delaware State Troopers focused on techniques to manage chronic stress that comes with a career in law enforcement. The training targeted the impact of mental and physical strain that can lead to behavioral health issues, fatigue, and burnout.

First responders endure tremendous physical and mental stress throughout their decades-long careers. As a result, it’s become critical that they train properly to stay physically ready, but also to maintain their mental health. O2X’s training seeks to integrate skills into the lives of first responders so they are ready, resilient, and able to answer the call.


“We are excited to be hosting a workshop geared towards improving the lives and careers of our Troopers,” said Colonel Melissa A. Zebley, Superintendent of the Delaware State Police. “We believe that the tools and resources provided by FirstNet and O2X will prove to be a valuable resource for many years to come. This training will enhance our Troopers’ job performance and will support a healthy, stress-reduced lifestyle both at work and at home.”


Over the course of the workshop, Troopers learned how small, incremental changes can lead to sustainable performance and lifestyle improvements. The topics covered include strategies to mitigate the risk of injury, tools to enhance performance under pressure and manage high stress jobs, and education on proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, and foundations of movement – all designed specifically to meet unique training needs of first responders.


“We are proud to work alongside O2X to provide these important trainings to first responders in Dover and across the country,” said Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, Director, Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “Our first responders are on the front lines of our communities. This program allows them to focus on their health and wellness and feel better equipped both mentally and physically to handle their on-the-job stressors.”


This training program reinforces the strategic priorities established by the FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition (FNHWC) to support first responders and their families. FNHWC’s mission is to integrate responder, community, industry, and academic capabilities to support the health, wellness, and readiness of American first responders.


The collaboration between FirstNet, Built with AT&T® and O2X continues throughout 2023 – with upcoming workshops in Kansas City (MO), Duxbury (MA), and Cincinnati (OH).


About FirstNet, Built with AT&T:

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