Feel the Flow – CRACKYL Magazine


By Janel Norton, O2X THRIVE Specialist

No matter where you live, first responders all reside in the same state: the state of being sympathetic. Being able to perform physically and mentally in a job that deals with life-or-death decisions daily can take a huge toll on our bodies and our minds. And when the nervous system experiences these traumatic events, it needs to process them.

In the groundbreaking book The Body Keeps the Score,” Dr. Bessel van der Kolk explains how we record all of our experiences through our senses, and if we can’t fully process them, they can become “stuck” as issues in our tissues and cause all sorts of havoc later.

Thankfully, we have some tools that can help us mitigate and even thrive as first responders. We all know that exercise, a great regulator for the nervous system, is necessary in order for us to perform our jobs. And one form of exercise that can benefit first responders at any age and stage in their lives is yoga…

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