February 2022 Updates from On-site


Our science-backed human performance programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis. The newest initiative in providing O2X’s world class training involves the integration of a Human Performance Specialist at the core of a department or unit, implementing programming designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members.  

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out https://www.o2x.com/approach/ to learn more about this unique O2X service.

 Massachusetts National Guard (MANG)—

Devon Smith, On-site Specialist with Massachusetts National Guard:

This month at the MANG, we hosted educational briefs and drill PT for Soldiers as well as continued our work with the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). The o2x on-site team presented to members of the 126th Cyber Protection BN on EST fundamentals followed by a readiness assessment. As the human performance specialist, I ran a drill PT session at Ft. Devens for the 223rd Military Intelligence D Co. The session focused on training for specific ACFT events and reinforcing proper movement patterns. Soldiers involved in the RSP program underwent a readiness assessment as well as a  nutrition readiness assessment courtesy of our nutrition specialist. During an officer professional development course, our injury prevention specialist briefed the officers on the capabilities of the performance team and the O2X Human Performance app. We have been posting educational videos, self assessments, and other relevant content weekly on our tactical performance app dashboards. March will see continued engagement with the RSP and the Regional Training Institute taking us into the spring season.

Washington D.C. Fire Department

Ryan Glaize and Conner Freeland, On-site Specialists with DC Fire & EMS:

The O2X program at DCFD is off to a great start so far for 2022! All areas have seen an increase in productivity and referrals. The on-site team has been busy with both old and new responsibilities as the program continues to grow. The human performance program is being constantly refined and evolving to best meet the needs of the department. 

Recruit training has been going well. We currently have three classes going through the academy and each one is making tremendous progress. We wrapped up a week of re-testing our KPIs, which consist of a 1 rep max of front squat and bench press, a 1.5 mile run, and 300 yd shuttles. Each test measures a specific athletic quality that is important for the job. It’s great to see their hard work paying off!

O2X has recently taken over the department’s Return to Work program. Firefighters who are unable to pass their annual stress test are referred to O2X and begin getting back up to speed. So far the members are enjoying it, seeing progress, and feeling better than they have before! 

Steve Taylor has recently started hosting virtual injury prevention workshops with the Frederick County Fire Department. This has been a huge success so far and has allowed Steve to share his knowledge and experience with another department and the O2X on-site specialist there, Kayla Schmit. 

Tiffany Batsakis has hosted 30 food demos, multiple nutrition education classes, more than 10 firehouse visits, and countless nutrition-focused conversations! Every Wednesday she hosts a guided workout group for women. It’s off to a great start and has expanded the team’s impact on female firefighters. 

Arlington County Fire Department

Trevor Sheasley, On-site Specialist with Arlington County Fire Department:

Every Wednesday, Captain Shupe of the Health and Safety team puts out useful information for the members of ACFD related to varying health and fitness topics. Starting in February, Trevor has started creating video content for Captain Shupe and the members of ACFD. These customized videos are typically between one and three minutes long and cover topics ranging from the body’s energy systems to the benefits of caffeine use.

The Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) Team had its first quarterly meeting in February, which included both the certified PFTs and the Assistant PFTs. This meeting spanned three days to allow ample opportunity for all members to attend. The primary purpose of the meeting was to cover the new testing measures being implemented to obtain an individual’s METs, review proper body caliper usage, and discuss ways forward for the PFT program. Captain Jaquays, the Lead PFT, did a great job applying his practical knowledge of performance testing to the member assessments. Trevor took time to present on the newest O2X Human Performance app features and how the PFT Team could utilize its features to push out exercises, programs and more.

Frederick County Fire Department

Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department:

Weekly O2X “Tip of the Week” webinars continued through February. Topics covered in February included nutrition, injury prevention, sleep, and mindset (growth vs. fixed mindset). These have continued to provide great information across the whole department. Members log in each morning as a shift to participate in these quick 15-30 minute segments on various topics. This month we welcomed Recruit Class 32. RC32 began at the end of February, with 30 new members taking on the challenge to become some of Frederick County’s finest, and we have been busy training and educating them on the importance of health and human performance needed for the job. 

Firehouse visits have once again picked back up now that the restrictions have been lifted completely here in Frederick. Kayla has been busy going back and forth between training at the academy, facilitating weekly webinars, and making rounds to firehouses across the county.