Chesapeake Fire Department Workshop


Chesapeake Fire Department teams up with O2X

In a bit of return to “normalcy,” – and in our continued pursuit to be 1% better every day, O2X has had the opportunity to conduct some in-person workshops with the Chesapeake (VA) Fire Department, with more to come. The workshops have been well received so far, including excellent reviews from the Chesapeake Fire Captain. He said, “I have to say in thirty years it is the best most comprehensive fitness program we have implemented. The content is relevant, the instructors are the top tier members in their field, and the follow up response from the company is timely. They are not your typical fitness (workout) program, but an overall health and wellness program. They know what it takes to get the best performance from your members and improve the health and wellness of your team.”

We take that as the highest compliment; additionally, we also gauge the success of the training based on the positive real-time results we’re seeing with the firefighters who go through the training. “This program is without a doubt the most in depth education I have received regarding the components of performance,” one firefighter said. 


From the beginning of February through the month of April, the whole Chesapeake Fire Department is running through O2X’s EAT SWEAT THRIVE Core-Curriculum workshop, a total of 12-weeks of training as a department. Each shift will complete the workshop over a month span, with each attendee going to a day of training each week, depending on their shift schedule. 

All attendees will go through O2X’s  Readiness Assessment Screenings and Body Composition Analysis during their first week, receiving individualized reports with recommendations on how to get 1% better based on their scores. So far, one group has completed their training. They had around 130 participants go through the course. 

Another group is currently in their second week of training, covering Strength and Conditioning and Mental Performance. In total, we’re expecting around 150 participants in the program each month, with a total of about 450-500 attendees. 

Each week we focus on a different segment of O2X’s EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology and curriculum. 

  • Week 1  : Injury Prevention
  • Week 2 : Strength and Conditioning, Mental Performance
  • Week 3 : Yoga, Resilience
  • Week 4 : Sleep & Fatigue Management, Nutrition 
Fire Recruit Academy

Additionally, 41 members of The Chesapeake Fire Recruit Academy recently completed a 4-day workshop, where they focused on injury risk reduction strategies, nutrition for your performance needs, sleep and fatigue management, and tools and resources to build resilience. 

The recruits and firefighters who’ve gone through the O2X workshops appreciate the fresh perspectives to the important Fire Department traditions, and for some participants, the experience was life-changing. “This stuff allowed me to regain control of my life post-deployment, post military separation. It saved my life. I cannot express with enough gratitude that this is being taught at the beginning of a similar career path for folks, it will save lives,” one participant noted. “As a refresher for myself, it is also invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Our Specialists

As part of the workshops, the firefighters have the opportunity to learn from O2X Specialists with a variety of expertise. Warren Skinner, Jim Foreman, and Alex Othmer are the O2X Lead Instructors for the Chesapeake Workshops. Participants also had the opportunity to hear from Lisa Prasso, O2X Injury Prevention Specialist; Matt Cady, O2X Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Tracy Heller, O2X Mental Performance Specialist; Christina Wehry, O2X Yoga Specialist; Shumi Rawlins, O2X Resilience Specialist; Tina Burke, O2X Sleep Specialist; and Tiffany Batsakis, O2X Nutrition Specialist. You can learn all about O2X’s highly experienced Specialists by visiting our website.