Building Homes for Heroes Provide Human Performance Workshop for Disabled Veterans


Tampa, FL – On April 26th and 27th, 25 disabled veterans and their family members attended a 2-day workshop focused on mental, physical, and emotional health. The workshop came to life through a partnership between Building Homes for Heroes, an organization dedicated to rebuilding lives and supporting our nation’s injured veterans, and O2X Human Performance, a veteran-owned company that provides human performance training and education.

Building Homes for Heroes has been making a significant difference in the lives of wounded American service members and their families since 2006 by constructing, modifying and gifting homes mortgage-free. In addition to providing housing solutions, the organization offers support services that enable these individuals to build better and brighter lives in academics, business and athletics.

Through the expansion of Building Homes for Heroes support services, O2X was able to provide a 2-day workshop designed to meet the unique needs of disabled service members.

“We’re excited to partner with O2X Human Performance and to be able to provide these invaluable resources to our nation’s heroes,” said Andy Pujol, founder and CEO of Building Homes for Heroes. “We believe that this workshop will have a lasting impact on the physical and mental health of our veterans.”

Over the course of this workshop, veterans and their families learned ways to optimize each pillar of human performance from O2X’s team of experts. Led by O2X Instructor and retired Air Force Colonel Gary Alexander, the O2X team of specialists included experts in the fields of nutrition, sleep and fatigue management, yoga and iRest, mental performance, and resilience.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of disabled service members, each session tackled not only the challenges participants face, but also targeted the actionable solutions they can make to create small, incremental changes that will lead to lifelong improvements.

For O2X, a veteran-owned company, the partnership with Building Homes for Heroes is incredibly meaningful. O2X has successfully collaborated with hundreds of public safety departments, federal agencies and the military. It provides customized human performance programs to elevate culture, improve mental and physical wellbeing and support healthy lifestyles. Working with the disabled veteran population allowed for a unique opportunity to offer these resources to those who served and sacrificed for our country.

“Those who have sacrificed their bodies protecting our freedoms deserve nothing less than world class resources,” said Adam La Reau, Co-founder at O2X Human Performance. “We’re proud to collaborate with a reputable organization like Building Homes for Heroes to deliver a curriculum geared towards bettering the lives of these heroes.” 

Moving forward, O2X and Building Homes for Heroes plan to continue their partnership with additional services geared towards bettering the lives of America’s service members.