Boston Police Officers Prioritize Performance & Wellness


O2X Human Performance to provide training and education for local police officers


Boston, Massachusetts – Beginning on July 22, over 50 Boston police officers will participate in an intensive four-day wellness, safety and performance training workshop run by O2X Human Performance, a Boston-based company started by former Navy SEALs. The training will be sponsored by Steward Health Care.

As tactical athletes, police officers risk their lives daily to keep their communities safe. They endure physical, and more importantly, mental stress throughout their careers and as a result, it’s become critical that they train their bodies properly to stay healthy, but also their mental health.

During the sessions, officers will learn about nutrition, conditioning, sleep, stress management and resilience training from O2X’s team that includes U.S. Special Operations veterans, strength and conditioning specialists, yoga teachers, mental performance experts, PhDs in nutrition and psychology, and sleep scientists.

“Like all police officers, our members can face high injury rates, poor sleep and other health issues,” said Detective Donald Caisey, President of the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society. “O2X’s holistic approach will help our officers stay safe and effective in every aspect – from nutrition, conditioning and yoga to sleep, stress management and mindfulness.”

O2X Human Performance has successfully worked with hundreds of public safety agencies nationwide to provide innovative training and education aimed to help first responders finish their careers as strong as they started.

Officers participating in the training are represented by the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society, Boston Police Superior Officers Federation and the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association.


About O2X: O2X Human Performance provides comprehensive, science-backed training and education so tactical athletes can finish their careers as strong as they started. The results driven O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum encompasses all areas of human performance: nutrition, conditioning, sleep, stress management, and resilience. The O2X team is comprised of U.S. Special Operations veterans, Olympic, professional, and All-American collegiate athletes, and 70+ human performance experts who teach the latest cutting-edge research in each of the primary fields of health and wellness.

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