Becoming a U.S. Marshal


By O2X OSS- Jonathan Bachant, MS, CSCS, TSAC-F

JUSTICE. INTEGRITY. SERVICE. Three words emblazoned on the official seal that represent none other than The Deputy United States Marshals. Federal Marshals have served our country since 1789, many times, in unseen, but critical ways. Historically, the U.S. Marshal Service has been the enforcement arm of the federal courts, and today is involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative.

The USMS also holds the distinguished honor of being the first federal law enforcement authority in this country, putting the agency at the forefront of our nation’s major events. 

A Deputy’s primary charge of protecting the federal judiciary is followed closely by many high-priority missions like capturing violent fugitives and non-compliant sex offenders, selling seized and forfeited assets acquired by criminals through illegal activities, housing and transporting federal prisoners, and operating the witness security program.

U.S. Marshals apprehend more fugitives than any other law enforcement agency. Deputies arrest more than 300 fugitives each operational day, averaging nearly 100,000 fugitives apprehended in each year. U.S. Marshals are the world’s most renowned experts in tracking down those who attempt to run or hide from the law.

With a history as renowned and prestigious as this, one can imagine the line of individuals hoping to etch their name into the U.S Marshals history books being long and extensive; and you would be correct. Qualifications and conditions of employment are strict, physical fitness standards are firm, and the journey through the United States Marshals Service Training Academy are anything but easy. For the ones that make it through the onboarding process, hopeful individuals will receive the title of BASIC DEPUTY CANDIDATE.

The United States Marshals Service basic training is conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Glynco, GA. At this location, candidates are enrolled in the Basic Deputy U.S. Marshal Integrated (BDUSMI) course for 18 weeks. 

During these grueling months, candidates will be asked to pass various examinations – from classroom style to physical batteries. Subjects include but are not limited to Legal Training, Control Tactics, Use of Force, Firearms, Tactics and Structure Entry, Protective Service Training, and many more. In terms of physical fitness, the United States Marshal Service has taken a tremendous leap forward in the world of tactical performance during the indoctrination process. They prioritize health and longevity for all who wish to earn the silver star. The Training Division has partnered with O2X Human Performance to help reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries and maintain sustainable improvements to human performance.

Jonathan Bachant, MS, CSCSS, TSAC-F has been the O2X On-Site Specialist at the training division for the past 14 months – providing his professional services to the cadre of USMS training instructors and candidates. Jonathan gives classroom lectures and hands-on, personalized 16-week training for candidates upon arrival to FLETC. Jonathan has worked directly with over 200 basic deputies spanning 5 graduated classes and the 3 additional BDUSMI classes still on the grounds of the Training Division. He conducts 500+ candidate check-in encounters each month. These encounters include but are not limited to: recovery and stretching techniques, exercise form and strength training sessions, personalized movement pattern assessments, body composition testing, nutritional guidance, and educational presentations. O2X further supports Jonathan’s efforts with ALL candidates being given unlimited access to the O2X Tactical Performance App. On this app, candidates have access to hundreds of training programs from O2X strength and conditioning professionals, nutritional guidance from Registered Dieticians, consultations from Injury Prevention/Recovery professionals, and much more.

The United States Marshal Service has prioritized protecting the health and well-being of its deputies. Partnership with O2X has shown that this isn’t something being talked about, it is actively happening. Where the mission of the Marshal Service remains the same, O2X additionally has its own mission—improving the lives of tactical athletes through world-class human performance programs. TOGETHER, The United States Marshal Service and O2X allow deputies to fulfill their job requirements in top physical condition. Most importantly, they provide deputies the tools to finish their careers as strong as they started. 

The United States Marshal Service continues to pave the way for our country’s Federal Law Enforcement Agencies on how human performance is viewed, how physical training should be administered, and how to make LEOs better every day.