A Message to Those Serving During COVID-19


To all those who can’t work from home,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop across the globe, we at O2X are here to offer our support to those of you on the front lines. Many of you reading this are actively serving in law enforcement; active duty, reserve, and national guard forces; the fire service; and in emergency departments and hospitals nationwide, poised to help those who will be impacted by this pandemic.  Thank you for your service.

Our mission at O2X Human Performance has been, and always will be, to provide critical resources to those with the toughest jobs. In this dynamic time, our intention is to continue that mission without interruption.  In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to provide training, education, and resources to our nation’s heroes as many of you face extraordinary circumstances in the service of your community and our nation. We will do this in-person as we are able while maintaining best practices, and remotely when we are not.

Additionally, we’ll be providing consistent content, guidance, and recommendations for optimal health and performance from our team of specialists. You’ll find these actionable resources on our social media accounts, in email distributions, and blog posts. Healthy bodies, strong minds, and a warrior spirit are necessary during stressful, uncertain situations. We’re here to ensure your ruck is full of the information you need to perform.  Please reach out at any time if we can be of specific help.

To all the tactical athletes working to mitigate this issue, thank you for the time you’re spending away from your families, so that others can be with theirs.

Stay healthy,
Team O2X