15-Minute Mobility to Reduce Fireground Injuries


By Tara Soprano, O2X Injury Prevention Specialist

“The majority of injuries that firefighters face are musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and strains. Injuries of this nature occur when the tissue is stressed greater than its capacity to adapt. These injuries can be largely prevented by stressing the issues on a regular basis in the form of mobility and strength training exercises. Training stresses the tissues of the body in a controlled setting so the tissues can efficiently take on stress in times of need—like on the fireground.

What is mobility? Mobility is the ability to move a body part or joint freely and easily and is influenced by strength and range of motion. Muscle imbalances, muscle weakness, shortened muscles (the feeling of being tight), and injuries can negatively impact mobility. While flexibility and mobility are often used synonymously, they have different meanings. Flexibility refers to passive range of motion, like static stretching, whereas mobility refers to how much range of motion you have access to in an active movement pattern. For this reason, mobility has a more meaningful impact on functional movement patterns than flexibility…”

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