Updates from On-Site (March 2021)


O2X Specialist Updates

Updates from On-site

Our science-backed human performance development programs are delivered through in-person training, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis, but additionally, O2X has helped numerous agencies fill full-time human performance positions within their organizations, designed to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of its members. 

Check out what some of our On-site Specialists have been up to below, and check out https://www.o2x.com/programs/ to learn more about this unique O2X service.

Massachusetts National Guard (MANG) Update from Devon Smith, O2X Strength and Conditioning Specialist:

March was a very productive month for us working with the MA National Guard, hosting our first two workshops of the year. The 104th Fighter Wing completed the first iteration of a two part training curriculum, which will be repeated with a second group over the summer. This first workshop focused on setting a solid foundation of human performance for the Tactical Athletes with hands-on and didactic sessions. A similar curriculum broken into three weekend workshops will be completed by two groups from the MA Army National Guard. The first weekend with these Soldiers consisted of laying a human performance foundation while achieving a diagnostic baseline of the Army Combat Fitness Test. This month, we also had the privilege of presenting EAT SWEAT THRIVE training and education to the 68W combat medics and the current class of MA Army National Guard Officer Candidates. As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to systematically reopen, we will be adjusting and increasing training opportunities for Soldiers and Airmen throughout the state. 

Massachusetts National Guard (MANG) Update from Gianna Roma, O2X Nutrition Specialist:

In March we got the workshops kick-started with the 104th out at Barnes Air National Guard Base and the Army at Hanscom Airforce base. On behalf of O2X, I helped facilitate readiness assessment testing and body composition evaluation. I also helped coordinate the “fuel” provided, and plate construction was modified for the workshops. For an accountability component, airman and soldiers will record weekly food logs throughout the workshops. Many participants took advantage of the “Ask the Expert” function, with nearly 20 soldiers/airmen reaching out about nutrition. Additionally, another 8+ reached out to schedule a nutrition consultation.  I am excited to provide guidance along the way and see the progress these airmen/soldiers make throughout the workshops.   

 Frederick County Update from Kayla Schmit, On-site Specialist with Frederick Co. Fire Department: 

Frederick County Fire and Rescue has continued to show excitement as we make further progress on implementing new training sessions available to all career members. As we continue to grow our Human Performance program here at PSTF, the attendance count continues to grow rapidly. The field members are eager to participate in the workouts, and they look forward to what the future holds. 

Additionally, Recruit Class 29 has now started into phase 2 of their academy training. They have shown great improvements in both movement mechanics and work capacity, and continue to build a strong foundation in preparation for their future careers. We have started to implement more variations in how to train under load and how to effectively handle awkward,  heavy objects while maintaining a stable base.

DC Fire & EMS Updates from Conner Freeland, On-site Specialist:

The O2X On-site team has been productive this past month, doubling its numbers for in person physical training and prehabilitation sessions.  Having completed the weight room renovation and more efficiently utilizing the allocated space, we are able to support more people working out at one time.  This also allows for prehabilitation sessions to be completed simultaneously, keeping the foot traffic through the Training Academy higher than it’s ever been.  As RC-395 begins firefighting school, they will be led by officers who will have completed our first Instructor Boot Camp.  This program includes some of the same workouts and drills they will be leading recruits through, allowing them to increase their own fitness levels and have better ideas for coaching cues when running recruits through morning training.  We also had the privilege of hosting two female officers for a week of learning about their experiences as DCFD firefighters in a male dominated environment

The Prehab program is off to a successful start; the first ever participant completed six weeks of training and significantly improved. At the beginning, any pressing movements caused significant pain. After improving range of motion and shoulder stabilization the person was able to not only press again but got stronger as a result. This person was considering shoulder surgery before working with O2X and will likely be able to avoid surgery altogether. Hopefully there are many more stories like this to come.