San Francisco Fire Workshop, sponsored by FRCE


O2X Partners with First Responder Center for Excellence to Help Combat and Prevent First Responder Injury

The O2X team recently headed to the West Coast for a 4-day Workshop in San Francisco. During the workshop, from August 31-September 3, 2021, O2X Specialists worked with the San Francisco Fire Department, covering Injury Prevention, Readiness Assessment screenings, Strength and Conditioning, Mental Performance, High Stress Jobs, Yoga & iRest, 1% Culture Change, Nutrition, Sleep & Fatigue Management, and Stress First Aid.

Partnering to Help First Responders Thrive

First Responder Center for Excellence logo While this marks the first time O2X has worked with San Francisco Fire, it’s also significant in that it is part of a growing partnership with FRCE. This workshop, along with four others in cities across the country, is being offered through funding secured by the First Responder Center for Excellence, a non-profit that strives to reduce physical and psychological health and wellness issues for first responders.  These workshops, and monthly follow-on virtual sessions, are intended to help the participating agencies jump-start wellness programs for their members.

 FRCE  receives funding through private donations from individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations. The FRCE is a National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) affiliate organization, created in 2016. Its mission is to promote quality educational awareness and research to reduce physical and psychological health and wellness issues for first responders.

What Participants Have to Say

With 30 tactical athletes in attendance, it was an awesome 4-days, with great feedback from the group. Check out what some of the attendees had to say:

“This week was great, really hoping to have the chance to see the crew again soon! Very thankful for their insight, attention, and engagement!”

“I feel so grateful for this week and the opportunity to learn with my coworkers and meet professionals in all of the wellness areas we discussed. I hope we can continue to work with this program and share it with more of our members.”

“You are all KILLING IT! This is the most extensive training workshop that I have ever been apart of. I am SOLD! I will for sure recommend your program and look forward to using the app now and in the future.”

“This group of instructors/specialists are so knowledgeable and have impacted my outlook on my personal health so I can be better for my fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you for all the effort and passion you put into the work!”

“You all are truly changing our lives, one Firefighter at a time…THANK YOU.”

“I am so excited to be a part of this program. Thank you! And I hope we can have more engagement in the future.” 

“Well balanced approach from all the instructors – I wish I could have attended a workshop like this years ago! Thanks to all involved!” 

Our Experts

O2X’s Lead instructor for this event was Alex Othmer, former Navy SEAL and the co-founder of Guardian Revival, a non-profit to help support first responders and veterans. Other specialists included Jay Sedory, Injury Prevention; Zach Weatherford, S&C; Jenna Weinstein, Mental Performance; Kelly Wulf, Yoga; Jess Harmon, High Stress Jobs; Geoff Krill, Resilience; Kelly Bennion, Sleep & Fatigue Management; and Andrea Chapin, Nutrition. The specialists will be doing virtual follow-ups with the attendees from the workshops throughout the year to check-in on progress and talk about their overall health and well-being. 

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