Workshop Lead Instructor | Workshop Assistant Instructor

  • Lead Instructors are the “MCs” of our workshops. You are the point-person for O2X for the entire duration of a workshop and develop lasting relationships with the participants.
  • Prior experience as a tactical athlete or member of a high performing team is required. Lead instructors must have extensive experience in planning, coordinating and leading training as well as strong project management and problem solving skills.
  • As a Lead Instructor, you make that science and research relatable and applicable to participants by sharing your own stories and personal experiences. You help us maintain the highest standards in education in each pillar of performance. As a Lead Instructor, you have the opportunity to shape O2X and the direction we take with the evolution of our curriculum.
  • Lead Instructors have personal experience using the pillars of performance and understand how each pillar relates to optimizing performance on and off the job. You have a clear understanding of what it takes to make 1% changes and experience putting it into practice in your own life.
  •  Experience with human performance training and/or operation functions associated with military or other elite organizations is preferred.

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  • Prior experience as a tactical athlete or as  a member of a high performing team is preferred. Assistant instructors come from a variety of backgrounds. While there is not one specific certification or level of certification required, Assistant Instructors must be self-motivated, driven problem solvers and clear communicators. Expertise or personal experience in at least one of the pillars of O2X’s EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology is preferred.
  • O2X Assistant Instructors provide support to our Lead Instructor during the course of an event. You help relate science and research to personal experiences. Assistant Instructors stage equipment, assist in workouts, and encourage participants.
  • Assistant Instructors are essential for ensuring a smooth flow of events and connections with our participants.
  • Assistant Instructors should have a desire to learn and gain an understanding of each pillar of human performance.

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