Company Facts

Our Mission

Maximizing human performance through world class training and education

What We Believe

At our core, we understand that striving for excellence takes work. We believe that maximizing human performance is about making consistent improvements and becoming one percent better every day. We know that following a science-backed method works and it is our goal to help O2X athletes not only maximize human performance on the job, but also create healthy habits that stick for life. We want you to finish your career as strong as you started.

Our Team

The O2X team is comprised of U.S. Special Operations veterans, Olympic, professional, and All-American collegiate athletes, and over 150 experts who are passionate about maximizing human performance and helping others rise higher.

Defining Human Performance

Human performance encompasses all pillars of health and wellness necessary for optimal functioning on and off the job: nutrition, conditioning, sleep, stress management, and resilience.

Defining Tactical Athlete

A tactical athlete is someone who has an inherently risky job and, as a result, faces heightened levels of mental, emotional, and physical stress daily. This includes first responders, firefighters, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel.

Who We Work With

Originally designed to meet the unique demands of tactical athletes, the science-backed methodology has also been successful with Olympic athletes, Division I college teams, elite high schools, professional sports organizations, and top tier corporations.

What We Do