Chicago, IL | 2016 - Present


In 2016, the Chicago Blackhawks began a partnership with O2X Human Performance designed to support a culture of excellence at all levels of the organization. O2X provides a systematic approach to player performance in the following areas: development and growth of core values; mental performance and readiness; sleep and fatigue management; recovery protocols; player accountability, debriefing, and communication; and resilience.




2016 - 2018
2019 - Present

*Ongoing various trainings, support calls, and engagements with coaches, support staff, and players. 


Thanks to everyone from the O2X team! As has been the case over the last three years, you guys delivered once again. The range and depth of all the material presented throughout our Summer Speaker Series was fantastic and without a doubt beneficial to everyone in our organization.

I appreciated all aspects of this workshop. The topics that we discussed helped individuals organize their thoughts and goals in a simple er effective manor. I am excited to engage in further discussions.

 Yoga is a practice that should be adopted by more athletes. I really appreciate that it is part of our performance training.

I am going to use my visualization skills for developing strategies for optimal and sub-par performances so that I am ready for whatever happens.

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