3 Firehouse Recipes with 3 Key Ingredients


Some of the Best Meals are Simple: Try these!

By AJ Fusco, chef and firefighter for the Harrison, NY Fire Department. Founder of “Fork and Hose Co.”

Many times, the best meals are the simplest. A good recipe does not have to read like a dictionary of ingredients. Sometimes all it takes is three quality ingredients, simple execution, and a confident cook. 

Why three ingredients you ask? After three, a recipe can start to get muddled down, resembling more of a hodgepodge of flavor and textures. Keeping the number of components to a minimum does a few things. First and foremost, it allows the ingredients to shine. This is why choosing quality is of the utmost importance. Organic, fresh produce is best, especially if in season. Buy the best meat you can within your budget, such as grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork, and free-range chicken.

Using only a few items also helps in keeping costs down, which is always a good thing.  It will also allow you to spend your budget on those quality ingredients we just spoke about. And lastly, it helps simplify a recipe, which is important, especially for the new cooks out there. Some recipes can seem daunting with too many steps, which can be discouraging.  Keeping it simple builds confidence in the kitchen with basic cooking techniques, which will only make you a better cook.

Here are 3 Easy Recipes for a new (or established) cook to try!

These recipes are examples of how a using just a few ingredients can make any meal delicious and healthy. This approach can be applied to your everyday cooking, meal prep, and work meals. Whether it is a main dish, a side, or even a dessert, choosing the best ingredients you can afford, while keeping it simple, will help you become a proficient cook in the kitchen. Stay safe, and eat well!

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